In many cases it was found that the trends are made to be broken and this applies in all cases, including the decoration.

Therefore, it is not unusual to try to give another perspective to the classic baths, which have almost always seen parading their healthcare environments-white, to be presented now in a thin and sleek black color that gives them a new environment and new to these intimate rooms of the house.

Although not a new style or newly introduced, the health of black color in the bathrooms are certainly not a very common and only see them in some public areas such as luxury hotels, fine restaurants and some other distinguished venues.

Of course, we have also been seen in some homes, but not so strong as it is the health white, pink or other colors.

And while most blacks are included within healthcare environments minimalist style, the truth is that we can count on them in our homes adapted to the desired decorative trends impose on them.

It's nice to find this color in items such as bidet, toilet, sink, and if so, the set of the shower or the bathtub.

And there is no doubt that color by itself, gives these toilets a touch of exclusivity, elegance and originality that totally reinvents a room quite personal and often do not reach the trends in decoration.

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