The past becomes the present and we know the technology has become a tool for the performance artist's interior decorator. But why this marking? Therefore happens that the digital is no longer part of the exclusive advertising design, now also part of the interior decoration, but this time focused on our home furnishings.

What if the legacy of grandparents is a Louis style furniture and the carpet is worn by the passage of years. I imagine that this gift represents a sentimental detail that you could not tear, especially if your house has a touch of classic decor, but the carpet is just as presentable and want change, of course, the solution is a new and better if it is custom.

There are companies that make your old furniture back to life with a particular style by digital. The catalog of prefabricated designs is immense; it is for this reason that this option is very practical and particular.

But digital, not only can be part of the sofa and its cushions, but you have the option to choose any medium, as a bench, chair or head of your bed. Digital technology allows us to exploit our creativity, while being able to renew our old furniture in a modern way with the excellent finish that we all want.

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