House is one of our basic necessities. It protects us from heat, cold, rain, wild animals and thieves. People living in different places build different types houses. The type of house a person builds depends up on the following factors.

1) Availability of raw materials. 2) Budget. 3) Climate of that place.

Different type of houses

a) Hut b) flat hose b) bungalow. c) A house having a sloping roof. It is hill place. d) Stilt house this prevents water and animals from coming inside the house. e) House boat, some people in Kashmir live in houseboats. f) Mud house, some people living in hot places like Rajasthan live in mud houses. g) Tent house, mountaineers or soldiers stay at one place for a short time. And some are in slum area. i) Igloos, in places covered with ice throughout the year, people build houses made of snow. j) Caravan, people who live moving from place live in a caravan. A caravan is a house on wheels. It is pulled by a horse or a van.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Dirty places give birth to diseases. We must keep our house and surroundings clean to be healthy and fit. In this we learn disposing of waste and the ways to keep our house and surroundings clean and dirty. We keep animals like dogs, cats and parrots as our pets in our houses. Some small animals start living in our houses if we keep the house dirty. They are carriers of many germs. They cause many diseases.

Some insects are uninvited guests of our house. Keep some food item uncovered for a little while. Then observe different animals that visit the uncovered food. Al these animals are not our pets but they still live our houses. We do not feed them, but still they survive. They are the carriers of many diseases. They are called pasts.

To keep ourselves healthy and fit, we should keep our house and surroundings clean. We should use covered dustbins for throwing garbage. They should be emptied every day. We should use two dustbins. Take a marker and write bridgeable on one dustbin which can be kept in your kitchen. Write non-bridgeable on the other.

Biodegradable things are those which get decomposed easily. They include peels of fruits and vegetables, leftover food items, egg shells, paper, dry leaves of trees, etc. non –biodegradable things did not decomposed easily. They remain in nature as they are they can only be recycled. These include man-made things like metal foils, nails, plastics, polythene and glass.

If put all biodegradable things in a pit, slowly the material gets converted into compost. This compost can be used as a manure to improve the quality of crops, fruits and vegetables.

Non –biodegradable waste can be sold to scrap dealers. They take these wastes to the place where the recycled. The recycled items can be used again.


Besides keeping the house clean, people of different places decorate their living places with different things. On special occasions, they decorate their homes in different ways.

1) A lady making designs on walls. 2) A lady making rangoli. 3) A lady decorating her house with different leaves. 4) A lady decorating her house on x –Mas. 5) A lady decorating her house with candles, diyas and rangoli.

Try to make decoration items for your house using waste material. Make a modern art painting o decorate your room.

Materials required cartridge sheet, glue, thick thread, poster colors, small pieces of mirror and beads.

On a cartridge sheet, make a squire. Take a long thick thread, dip it in poster color. Place it in the square. Holding one of its edges under a finger, pull the thread. A beautiful pattern would be created. Decorate it with beads and small mirrors.



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