Website will be in unique and different form. This is mostly important for the purpose of search engine optimization. As search engine optimization helps in gaining leads for business owners, advertisers and online marketers. So it is useful for promoting websites, products and services. A good website will be success in seo. To perform seo effectively the website must be seofriendly. Every page should be analyzed and know how much it is crawled as the webpage is the stepping stone for obtaining traffic through visitors.

The navigation set up of the website should be organized well. Due to this well organized navigation set up, we won’t miss the visitors as all the WebPages will be links to each other with the help of navigation. The content in the website should be with effective with best keywords for effect full search engine optimization and these keywords should be in title also. The domain name of the website should be analyzed that the domain should have keywords which provide ranking to the website in the search engines like Google, yahoo and Msn. These search engines are the main search engines.

There is one tool known as grader. This tool is used to perform complete analysis of a website. It analyses the technology used for programming the website, the navigation, crawlers, page rank, traffic, whether the content is optimized or not, the density of the keywords, frequently used keywords where this website gets appeared in the first position in seo, which keyword is popular , number of back links and number of visitors .

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