Previously people tried to search information, but they couldn’t get their required information in proper manner. So they tried through search engines. Then also they couldn’t obtain proper information. Finally they decided to find a method to obtain the users required information in an easy way. So they found search engine optimization concepts .Search engines doesn’t rank websites they rank only WebPages.

Search engine optimization is getting visibility and popularity for a particular website to appear in top 10 websites. It may be any search engine. But mostly every one prefers Google search engine as it is best. It is best because if you submit your website in Google, It indexes your website in a very short period of time.Seo is completely depends on keywords. Many of the people don’t know about Seo. People thinks that Seo is getting traffic to a particular website and appear at top 10 websites for any kind of keywords. But this is wrong.

We cannot do seo for every keyword. For example blog is there. For this blog website, suppose you type keywords ‘fine arts or ‘arts’ in the Google search engine then the blog website doesn’t appear in top 10 positions in Google as these keywords are much popular. We can get ranking for these popular keywords also but it takes long time. If you type a keyword ‘Vizag fine arts’ , Vizag sand painting, vizag nib painting in the Google Search engine then the blog appears in the top 10 position in the Google search engine.

Keyword is the words which we type the search engine box. We can do search engine optimization for any kind of keywords. Short keywords take long time to show the result and long keywords show the result in small period of time. In Seo , Keywords plays an important role. We can suggest our clients some specified keywords which are adoptable by the end-users and we can get the Good result to clients business. While performing seo, we need to take care from domain registration till the completion of the search Engine optimization.

If you want to have a website, then you need to perform mainly domain registration and webhosting. Domain registration is booking a domain which is an IP address for the website and webhosting is the space provided in the internet. While booking domain we need to think about the concept which we want to display in the website, so according to it we need to choose a keyword and book that as domain. This may give best results to your website.After having Domain registration and webhosting, we need to decide how many pages you want to display and what kind of pages you want to display as there are two types of pages to design that is static and dynamic pages. We cannot change the content in the static pages but we can change the content in the dynamic page by programming.

When you decided to perform seo for a website, we need to take care in every step in building the website. So while designing the page the url should be saved without space so that it will be seo friendly. While programming we need to avoid using question mark(?),this also seo friendly.After programming, the website is ready with seo friendly. Now we need to perform seo ( search engine optimization ) .It will be bit easy for us to do seo for the website as we took care from the starting till the website build.there for the website is seo friendly.

When we get a website for performing a search engine optimization we need to follow few steps:


2. Ultimate Target

3.Competitor analysis

4.Keyword analysis

5.Seo content



a.Analysis of the website:

b. Age of the webstie

c. Content optimized

d.Catogry of the product

e.How to sell the product.

f. Everything about the website

 2.Ultimate Target

:The needs of the clients, that is his targets from his website, what he need from his he want to build his business that is local, state or global level.

3.Competitor analysis:

First check which website is competitor to your website for you suggested keyword. Check the competitors website pages highly ranked. How many times the keyword is repeated in the text.How is the title written. The keywords in the url of the competitor website.

4.Keyword Analysis:

While analyzing our website, we need to analyze keywords manually and then we can do keyword research through those manually analyzed keywords by keyword research tool. We need to check how much popular the particular keyword has and how much useage it has. If it is more popular, it takes more time to get the results.

5.Seo (search Engine Optimization) content:

The content which is seo friendly . Here seo friendly is the number of keywords in the content. The content should be unique. It should not be copied and pasted from anywhere. Mostly there should be qualitative content. If the content is duplicate the Search Engines penalizes the webstie.

Search engine Optimization is mostly performed through Search engines. Especially Google, Yahoo and Bing(Msn). But Most of the search engine Optimizers prefer Google as their search engine for optimization, therefore , Yahoo and Bing (msn ) are secondary. Google has first preference because it is the best search engine among the search engines. It has best sitemap technology.

 Search engine Optimizaion has classified into two parts:

1.Onpage Search Engine Optimization

2.Offpage Search Engine Optimization

 1.OnPage Search Engine Optimization:

Onpage search engine optimization plays a major role in search engine optimization for a particular website.

The tasks come under Onpage Search engine optimization:

a.Keyword Analysis

b.Meta tag development.

c.Submitting websites to search engines

d.Building sitemap.

Onpage search engine optimization is done on the pages of the website. The most of the result of the website will be obtained for a particular keyword. We can find the changes of on page optimization at view source of the website.

a.Keyword analysis:

Same process which is mention before in the articles.

b.Meta tags development:

Meta tags are which in the hypertext markup language that describes content of the webpage.

There are 3 meta tags:





   Title is the first information about the website which is viewed by the users. The title should contain keywords , informative and attractive to view the website. The size of the title should be 53 characters.If the size of the tilte extends 53 then the title will not be much attractive and it shows in the doted form(…..)The title will be displayed at the top of the browser in blue bar.

 Syntax of Title:


While implementing Title tag then change char to UTF-8.


  We can also call this description as meta description. Meta description is a description of a particular webpage. The description should also contain keywords and brief information about the webpage. The description should be attractive for the viewers. The size of the meta description should be 160 characters. If the description extends its size then it will not be attractive and it shows in the doted form(…….).Most of the search engines display information from the meta description tag in their search results.

 Syntax for Meta description:

 3. Meta Keywords:

the keywords are taken manually and checked in the keyword research tool and taken. We can include how many keywords we want. But we need to know the popularity of the keywords. For writing keywords , assume yourself as a user, then you will get correct keywords for the website. This meta tag is used to specify keywords.

 Syntax for meta keywords:

c. Submitting website to the search engines:

There are three leading international search engines:

Google, Yahoo and Bing.

 Google is the search engine which is mostly popular among the world, best search engine to get anykind of information we need. Every optimizer prefer google for optimization because google results spontaneously to the seo and it even indexes our website in short period of time and sitemap technology. To get traffic from Google Search engine , we need to submit the website in google webmaster tool.

 Yahoo is the bit liberal than google search engine. It takes some more time for any task than google. To get traffic from this search engine we need to submit our website in yahoo.

Bing is the third best like yahoo. To get traffic from it we should submit our website to Bing explore center.

Steps op submit your website or blog to google:

Don’t type directly

Type Google webmastertools in the google search engine and browse the first website which appear or browse

Now login with your Gmail account details, then add url. It shows not verified. Then click on that. then click dashboard. Then the link is verified. In the same way we can submit for the remaining search engines.

 d. Building sitemap:

Sitemap is a setup of all page address in the website.This is specially for Google bot to crawl into the website.Site map will be shown when the shown code place in your website after headertag.If it is a blog then we can place the code through layout.If it is a website then we can place the code through dreamweaver. Sitemap shows all the urls in the website.





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