Virtual private network 1 Virtual means imaginary & private network means intranet & public network means internet 2 if any remote client PC wants to communicate with office server i.e private network.this communication only will be possible through public network means internet 3 But there may be many chances when secret data transmitiing between the end points where data hackers try to eaves dropping,tampering with transactions 4 To prevent eaves dropping,tampering with transactions & insecurity ,VPN provides secure VPN tunnel between LANS of two sides or between remote PC & the office network 5 thus VPN Or Virtual private network is connection between two network on the internet that appears as though they are connected via private link 6 Virtual private network is private network that uses public network to connect some nodes Because internet is essentially an open network the point to point tunnelling protocol is used to ensurethat messages transmitted from 1 Virtual private network node to another Virtual private network

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