Many people have a dating profile site or in places where they all to a "partner" to come. They lose their social contacts outside the Internet and go slowly in the virtual world. They are uncertain outside world so they dare not face to come. Youtube is an information source where almost everyone has a computer ever use it, it sends not only positive but also negative information.

Profile Sites and Dating Sites

More fish swim in the sea ... A commonly heard cliché in love. This applies also for dating websites. Thousands of dating websites, you can find the love of your life. And this number continues to rise, Internet dating is popular. Dating sites differ from each other by only focusing on one profession (farmer looking for women) or age (seniors). case, we believe that love is not limited by income, occupation or the like. Nevertheless, for simpler times when one or more preferences are already determined by the dating site.

Nowadays almost everyone has a member of a site or a dating profile. Hyves, Party Flock and Facebook are the best examples of a profile site. The developments of profile sites and dating sites are therefore very fast. A dating site now provides all kinds of things to make it as attractive as possible, they even have a customer. Some people put everything on their profiles, both the number and the phone number. This happens more often, causing more problems. People are threatened, abused and sometimes in extreme cases killed.

More than one third of women who are single, use a dating site. Many women who are single have a job and have little time to find a partner. Dating sites are much faster and easier, so can many (working) women to come to a partner.

Twitter is a new microblogging an enormous growth. Is increasing by 1383% per year. Even through Twitter are arranged dates. People can meet via Twitter, and sometimes even result in a date.

Dating games are also popular nowadays, many people use it. This summer the dating game "Naughty America" introduced in the United States. It's a bit like a game of The Sims, but with a very different purpose. It is meant to create your own character, giving you the 'virtual' world, examine. Through this game you can chat with other people, dancing, flirting and eventually the 'virtual' bed-sharing.

Social contacts

Today, virtually no one without the Internet. Next to the TV watching, computer games on a console, radio and internet telephony has also become a vital pastime for many young people. Not a day goes by without once checking that they have received e-mail when they are bored and there is always a good option to go and chat with people from around the world who is "connected" to the Internet. More time for the Internet means less time for friends and family. That's what parents think, especially those who did not use it. Teenagers find that contrast nonsense.

Some say the Internet improves the relationship between people, others say that it is the relationship deteriorates. Internet is easy and fast, it is not affected by obstacles such as distance, illness, shyness and lack of mobility. But it makes the relationship impersonal, you see the person you're talking, after all. With a push of a button you're online and you can talk to all your 'friends'.

Thanks to the Internet we can make great distances, we can talk with someone who lives millions of miles away. By mailing back and forth creates long-term stable relationships. It is easier to make friends, young people are less shy so they dare to say on the Internet. The young people who have a large social network can strengthen their ties through the Internet. Because you can talk with multiple people simultaneously, for example through MSN.

MSN is the biggest online chat program in the world, in the Netherlands has more than 6 million accounts. Over 5 million people make monthly use MSN Messenger, the program to be able to talk to other people. You do not have to pay so it's a cheap way to talk to your friends, you can access your account anywhere, but if your computer has internet. Your account can also open the school. So you've been able to send you school work and homework so easy to make. It is also easier to make appointments online, you speak in a certain time on MSN and you can already do your homework online with those. It is faster and easier than just agree. Anyone can add your MSN, if you accept you will be able to talk to that person. Strange people can add you too, but you do not have to accept them.

Because you much more on Internet and MSN is, less to go with your friends you off the Internet. You will more than agree with someone on MSN to someone's home. Yet people find it positively according to a study by Kraut and HomeNet. They find it a shame that the contacts are relatively superficial. Young people who have a relatively small social network, are mainly looking for contacts via the Internet. Thus, the chances are they the few friends they have outside the internet will lose. Internet users have fewer social contacts than those who are not on the Internet.

If you have a lot on the internet, it not only less time with your friends but also with your family. This has a bad influence on the bond with your family. Turning more to the internet is you have less time for your family. The people who are far behind the Internet just because they feel less social contacts outside the internet and also less positive bands in the family. Those who are far behind the Internet think that the ties they have outside the internet, can be replaced by the links they have on the Internet. In many cases this is not the case.


Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook users uncertain. According to a British psychologist, they can even lead to a 'friendship addiction'. In the twilight zone between dream and reality created many new networks.

On a profile site its name is a number that reflects the number of friends that person has, the more friends you have the 'popular' you are. The more your profile is viewed, how 'popular' you are. Almost everything people do on a profile site, is done to ensure that everyone who looks at your profile you cool find.

Anyone can be invited, old classmates, friends and school friends such as the sports club. Almost everyone will say yes if the person is added by someone else, only people who are insecure do not dare anyone to join, fearing that someone rejects their invitation. Because insecure people dare to invite fewer friends they have fewer friends behind their name. This leads to greater uncertainty.

Some people let their self-worth depend on their relationships with others, which also applies to profile sites. Women are particularly sensitive to this, a refusal to contribute to "a feeling of rejection.

If pictures posted on the site profile and then commented on an annoying, the person who posted them to feel insecure and ugly. Only when a real 'models photos as profile picture, then you will be counted.


YouTube, the source of talent that is yet to be discovered. Look at the young Dutch Esmee Denters who was offered a recording contract from Justin Timberlake! On YouTube, it's all possible!

YouTube is a website for free upload, view and share videos by users. The types of movies range from funny to serious. You can even entire episodes of television look back on YouTube. The most subscribed videos from singing videos. People want to know what it feels like a 'video' together, but they are most curious about the reactions. It is obviously very flatter your ego if many people who respond well to find your movie, although it often happens that people criticize, because people really pay attention to the smallest things.

Everybody in the world can see your movies. Thus there is communication between people in different countries. Movies and ideas are shared on YouTube. If you do not have talent, you can also lose your egg on YouTube. There are channels in different categories, from cars to travel.

Esmee Denters in 2006 placed her first video on YouTube and has now become a world star! She performs in several countries, has a record deal with Justin Timberlake and earn tons of money. That is the purpose of anyone with a movie on the famous site, it more likely it is just a dream.

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