Security Threats

There is lot of malicious activities online which is the main reason for security threats in recent time and has become a major concern for PC users, businesses, software manufacturers. In the year 2010 and so far, there is increase in malicious activity and scams are reported in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The threats are increasing further and are not limited to email, bank account details etc. According to analysis of security companies it is stated that malware of around 95000 pieces are checked every day which are new attacks or variations of old one. This shows that there are many new ways to infect and hack users system, but simultaneously security companies are introducing latest Internet Security Program, which can protect users systems from malware, spyware and other major security threats to some extent. But sometimes even security software cannot be trusted after knowing the fact that there is increase in scams like fake anti- virus, social networking sites been attacked by malware, mobile apps malware etc. So, before opening any unknown email-attachment or known mobile application, one has to understand the possible and latest security threats. It is good to know well in before rather than becoming a victim of malware or any other security threat that can come in any way. scareware

Mobile Applications security threat

Everyone has to admit the fact that smartphones are the latest trends and there has been huge increase in users for various purposes. Surprisingly, mobile Internet users are more who are the main target for malware and other malicious programs. Google Android market has reported cases of a Trojan known as DroidDream which attacked recently. It is malware that on execution gains administrator access and can download many other malicious programs to user phone for stealing the user data. Though Google has somehow managed to stop the malware application another case was reported that was spread through alternative application

Users can avoid installing application from suspected sources and should note that Android market is not completely malware free. Reading applications reviews from reputed sources and downloading a mobile antivirus application can be very useful. Important thing to note is that application permission screen should be read in detail for knowing what types of access permissions are available.

Social Networking security threat

The social networking has become a trend and is used for connecting with friends and sharing information. It is also one place where malicious activity can be performed and it is estimated that 20% of social networking site Facebook users can be targeted easily. Providing personal information including contact details is quiet common and these data can be hacked and misused if a malware is installed on users PC. Initially one can get links posted by some Facebook friends which can be photos or some videos. Once the malware installs itself, users critical data can also be accessed easily and also their friend's details. Twitter has reported cases of such scams.


So, before accessing any social networking postings see that what it is going to offers and suspicious cases should be ignored.


Scareware is referred to as malicious program which misleads users by convincing that system needs antivirus program, which can be purchased on single payment. Once user gives critical information such as credit card credentials and other details the identity can be misused further. In addition to data theft, users system is exposed to other malicious programs too. It is just a fake anti-virus scam and there are reported cases, which has increased too. As security is major concern for PC-users, the scareware programmers have attracted them with an intention that they will definitely load the fake anti-virus.scareware-fake-av

It is good to never install any program that is show through a pop-up window as most of the time scareware comes to user PC in that way only. Updating the present security program that is genuine is also needed so that when any new malware is seen it can give an alert.

Adobe Portable Document Format security threat

pdfIt is estimated that most of the targeted e-mail attacks are done using PDF format which contain a malware program. Hence, PDF file format can be consider dangerous and generating malicious content is easy too. Hence, users should be cautious and before opening should scan it if that attachment comes from unknown sources. Updating Adobe security updates can also be helpful as latest versions are providing protection from malicious programs. Finally, companies should also consider these security threats and also monitor network traffic for any suspicious activity as they may loss heavily if attacked.

Computer Security

In today's world the usage of Internet is not limited to checking mails as users can shop online, Bank online through Internet Banking and even book reservations etc. So, there is lot of information been shared online, which even includes critical information. Though a secured gateway is used to share the information the issue of computer security is always been a major concern due to increase in security threats. Not only businesses but also home users are unsure of their computer security. Any malicious online attacks including hacking might make the home users as well as businesses to face heavy loss. Hence, it is duty of computer users to ensure appropriate security is

Especially, home users are easy targets for intruders as most of the home users are not well prepared to handle any attacks. First of all it is believed that home user do not install proper and genuine security software which make them easy targets. Secondly, intruders also concentrate on them with an intention to steal valuable information such as credit card details or Internet bank account details stored on the computer, through malicious programs like Spyware. But, the question of how can a user predict, from which activity on Internet such attacks may happen arises. Well, the answer is very difficult as there are many ways and one can expect via email attachment, ad-banners and pop-up screens. Even sending valuable information through email can be hacked by the time recipient receives it. There are ways to protects system from these attacks. First of all Windows users have in-built security tools that includes malicious program remove tools which is also available in Linux, Mac and other Operating System. Users should enable this facility, which should be updated regularly, so that new database of latest Trojans, virus and malicious programs are available for that security software to protect your PC. This is free service and is available with Operating system but still anti-virus software which has higher list of virus definitions is needed to be installed. Some anti-virus programs are available for free which can be downloaded too. The intruders are quite capable and are also using malicious programs like Spyware, which can steal user's data as well as weaken the system to such an extent that it will be prone to more attacks. Even anti-virus program cannot help in such situations. Anti-Spyware software can also be used to stop the attack which is available for free or can be purchase. There is also a security program called Firewall which acts as a wall and doesn't allow any application to access the computer without users confirmation, this program is also need for computer security.

Important Computer Security Tools

Some important security tools for computer protection are as follow:

1) Anti-Spyware and Anti-malware protection tools

These tools are needed for malicious programs like Spyware and malware which are available in market or can be downloaded online. The standard names include WEBROOT, SPY BLASTER, STOPZILLA, WINDOWS DEFENDER etc. The top rate one such as SPY SWEEPER can be an asset for controlling attacks. Weekly and monthly updates are to be performed after installing for better results.

2) Firewalls and Anti-virus programs

Firewalls are sometime in-built in Anti-virus programs which can help in preventing unauthorized access of PC. If users have interest in installing high-end Firewall, ZoneAlarm Pro is the best option or else some well-known names include Online Armor Premium 5, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, BitDefender Internet Security etc. The Comodo Internet Security has been high rated according to latest review by its users.

Though there is no guarantee that every security tool can help the users from malicious attacks, to some extent prevention can be done using these computer security tools if they are regularly updated.

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