Android operating system is surely not that hard to use and one can easily learn it by their self, but yes if someone has just started working on his/her new android phone than it can take some time for understanding the things. Let me tell you about few useful apps which can help you to customize your android device with more ease.  First, even I am new in Android, I have recently moved from Apple iPhone to Android device. So in starting, I was bit confused from where to start. I mean which applications are useful and can help me to customize my phone. But thanks to my few friends and cousins I was able to get few helpful applications which make my android device even cooler. Let me give you detailed information about those apps so you can understand its need on your phone.

Avast Free Mobile Security


Let me start with antivirus software. Every mobile needs protection against viruses. Especially android device need this thing urgently, because users always used to use internet on android device in different kind of applications. So risk factor is surely high on such kind of devices. So for complete protection of your android device, you can go for Avast free mobile security. Avast is quite known company in this section. Personally even I am using Avast security on my PC since last three years and never face any problem of viruses. Now I am facing same thing in this one too. I mean I have already got few notifications on my android device about few insecure apps. So it’s already working. In android smart phones people always use internet more for different purpose. So I will suggest you to secure your android device first.

Go Launcher:


Now I am moving towards graphics and themes section. If someone is interested in theme section then they must have this app on their android device. This application is totally free and it will change whole look of your android device. With this app your device icons, wall paper, theme, menu swapping style and many more will be completely change, they all will be look even cooler with this app. This app is not limited to this thing only. With this app you can also download some extended apps which will only work if you have installed this app on your device. You can download apps like Go Locker which will change your lock style of your device!! Yes your lock style with this app will be totally changed with even more protection. You can also move your app icons in the menu with help of this app. So if someone is interested in customizing their device then this app is quite suitable.

Advance Task Killer (Good for Battery Saving):

Many people used to complain about low battery backup in android device. Battery goes down speedily when we are having some apps running in background process in our android device. Android device don’t close few apps completely when we directly press home button on our mobile, by this way those apps keep running in background and kill our battery faster. So to solve this problem you can install Advance Task Killer application, using this you can easily kill those background running process in one click. You can also put widget of this app on home screen and kill all those processes in just one click directly from home screen. So it is quite useful one. That’s why I am recommending this app to all android starters.

WhatsApp Messenger:

This is quite famous app among youngster these days. Using this app you can easily send free sms to your friends and relatives which are on your contact list. This app is using your internet to send and receive the text messages. But let me tell you, the data used by this app for this task is very low. So don’t worry about your limited internet plan. This app is not only limited to text messages. You can easily share photos and videos of your phone instantly. Good thing is that for doing all these tasks, you don’t need to login each time you open this app. You just need to add your mobile number (which will be verify by the app by sms) first time and it will be work as authentication for you, so you can open the app and directly start work on it. The friends (from your contact list) which are using this app will be directly notified that you are using this app, so you can easily contact them.  So go for this app and start experiencing even more texting feature with smiles and other features. No need to worry about cost as on Android market it is totally free.

MX Player:


In this article so far we have already seen about security, customizing phone, battery saving and free communication. Now let’s move towards some entertaining one.  If you used to play videos on your android device then you must have this app on your phone. This is a video player. I know that we already having default video player on our android device. But let me tell you that default video player don’t work for all kind of video formats. And because of that you have to convert videos before putting them in to your device. But using this app you can directly play any kind of video files without converting. This app supports almost all famous video formats, so no need to waste your time to convert those video for your android device. Have fun with your movies with this free application.

So this is it. If anyone is newly starting with android mobile then they should know about these apps. You can found thousands of apps on Android market, some are useful and some are useless but no need to get confused from all of them. You can start with these apps, they are useful for sure. There may be many more useful applications, but so far these applications are the best and useful among other applications I have seen in Android market.  

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