Hi Folks this article is all about identifying the hidden hardware your computer has. First you can identify them and then

troubleshoot so that they work effeciently.

The steps are :

1. Open the Run Menu from Start and type in devmgmt.msc. This opens the device manager window.

2. Now enable the Show Hidden Devices in the View menu. This pops up many Adapters in the Network Adapters section.

Close the Device Manager window.

3. Now to view the hidden hardware Right Click the My Computer Icon on the Desktop and select the Advanced tab

4. In the Advance tab In StartUp and Recovery Section open the Environmental Variables.

5. In the Environmental variables under section System varaibles select New.

6. Now the New System Variable window opens and type in the name of the variable as devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices

and put in the Variable value as 1 and click Ok and close the Environmental Window.

7. Now again open the Device Manager window and choose Show Hidden Devices opntion.

8. Under the Network Adapter section you can see all the hidden devices and hardware indicated by faded icons as to how the

hidden folders are shown.

9. Now using the DeviceManager you can troubleshoot the Hidden Devices and hardware.



--Kuldeep Kumavat




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