The problem that is related to our laptop is not very difficult to solve it. Such a laptop problem is known as a Troubleshooting. At first look it is a hard task to identify the actual problem related to the laptop. Such short problem of troubleshooting can solve by yourself. There is no need of any computer expert.

Some of the process related to the troubleshooting.

A. Due to Presence of Virus

First of all you have to see if the problem is due to the action of any virus or not. You must install a good antivirus program for your laptop. This may solve all problems related to virus of any kind. Your antivirus must be updated version. If there is an updated version of antivirus installed on your system then start a scan of your total system. By scanning your laptop you can easily understand the problem if it is caused due to the presence of any virus or any kinds of spyware. Many people use free version antivirus. It cannot remove all kinds of virus. Must have a licensed antivirus for proper action against antivirus.  There is also a scan software that scan online. There is no need to install it on your laptop. If not having a Software program then use such online software. 

B. Due to the Power

After dealing with a virus the next step is to deal with a power. First of all make sure that the laptop is in charging mode. Many times your laptop faces many problems that are generated due to the faults charging of your battery. When the battery becomes old it contains a less amount of the charge. To solve such type of problem related to the battery. You must use a new battery and check whether it is properly charged or not. If a problem is due to the old battery then that problem is resolved here. 

C. Due to the hard disk drive

After testing your battery the most suspected reason is your hard disk that is in your old laptop. This can be tested by using a diagnostics utility device. This can check the performance your old hard disk drive. It totally depends on you to test your hard disk drive by using a Windows or  through a BIOS. With the help of this Diagnostics utility software you can easily check various functions related to your hard disk drive. The best part of using this software is that you can test your hard disk drive by windows and then proceed to System Utility.

D. A problem caused due to the Mouse and keyboard

Sometimes the problem arises by your keyboard and a Mouse. To test such a problem use nay keyboard and mouse that is connected to your laptop with the help of external port. When you connect your external devices to your laptop then you can easily find the weather a problem that is arising is due to the keyboard or a track pad.

E. A Problem is due to the Display

If you are thinking that the problem is due the display of your laptop.The best idea is that connect an External Monitor to your laptop by using a port given for that. By using this idea you can also check the problem related to Resolution, Color and the Better display of your laptop. In every laptop there is a port that is made for connecting the external monitor.This port is well known as an HDMI port as well as VGA port.

F. A Problem is caused due to the Operating System

After checking all above things. You cannot find any sorts of problem. This is because the problem is in your Operating system.   The best idea is that you can restore your laptop. If the problem is due to O.S then it will resolve. Many laptop companies provide such type of restoring facility such as EC2 provided by HCL. Use such facility to resolve a problem.   If there is any problem caused by your registry then it will repair all sorts of problems. Restore can also repair the file that is Damaged due to the attack of any harmful virus.

If the problem is not solved till now then called a Computer Expert. They solve your all type of problem related to your laptop.Many times the problem is very small it can be solved by using a Troubleshooting technique. You must Keep patience at that time.  By using a technique like troubleshooting you are going to save a Thousand of rupees and your important time.

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