It’s a common problem among computer users that system is not giving full performance. If your PC is a few years old and you have not given it the maintenance, then some problem occurs. PCs need to be kept in good condition. Here I am describing some steps which need to be carried out once per month. These steps will help keep your PC running well and efficiently.

Empty Recycle Bin

When you delete a file it is stored in recycle bin folder. Keeping these file in recycle bin only consumes hard disk space. If you don’t need those unwanted files then delete them. Click on the recycle bin icon on your desktop and then choose Empty the recycle bin option.

Uninstall unused programs

There are many programs in your computer that you are no longer using. So it’s better to delete them since they are taking lots of hard disk space, and you can again reinstall them if your need arises. Go to start -> control panel -> add/remove programs, choose the program to delete, and click on change/remove button.

Disk Cleanup

It must be performed regularly to release the storage space occupied by temporary internet files and others. To access disk cleanup go to Start -> programs -> accessories ->system tools -> disk cleanup. 

Disk Defragmenter

Disk defragmenter helps in placing the fragmented files of a program in contiguous memory location. So the system can easily search and find the program from the memory, it improves the processing time. To access disk defragmenter go to Start -> programs -> accessories ->system tools -> disk defragmenter. 

Empty prefetch cache

Prefetch cache stores lots of files that are required by system during processing. Gradually it is loaded with files that are no longer required; hence it slows down windows start up. So you have to empty this cache in order to speed up your PC on start up. For this go to, start-> run, type Prefetch and click ok. In the new window select all the icons and delete.

Increase RAM size

Adding more memory to your computer gives better performance. If you are running Windows Xp, you need a minimum of 256 Mb of RAM. But this may put strain on your system if you are running any kind of graphics or games. So upgrade to 512 Mb and processing power of system will speed up.  

Increase Virtual memory

By default the system allocates sufficient virtual memory. But if you want to run many programs simultaneously then system may slow down. To avoid such situation, it is better to increase virtual memory size. Right click on my computer icon, select properties and choose advanced tab. Click on settings under the performance, select advanced tab, and click on change button under virtual memory. Make the initial size 2 times of recommended memory size and maximum size a little higher; set those values only for C drive. Now you will notice the speed improvement!

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