Innovation is often done by companies and products, but what the heck is it? And is it useful?

Meaning innovation

The meaning of innovation is very simple: "Developing a new product or a new production. This will mean that more and newer products, and that old products disappear. Products also change a lot. So was the TV used a refrigerator, but a flat screen.

Innovation in products

With products is constant innovation. In fact, we ever newer products, but the competitor will be better. That company will then examine what more can be changed with the product and bring it back on the market. Companies are constantly doing.
A few years ago, the MP3 is not as nice as today. Now you can also view movies and photos on stream. Previously only music.

Innovation in companies

Companies also have innovation. They look better machines. With these machines, they produce more, and often, the quality is still up. The higher the quality, the higher their market to their competitors. With machines, companies can also produce more cheaply, because people are expensive per hour. A machine is a one time amount and then a small price to power.

New jobs

Nowadays there - thanks to innovation - more and more new jobs available. Low-skilled workers are leaving because Know easily be taken over by a machine.
There is usually complicated by new technology work. This increases the demand for highly skilled. Especially the employees with a technical education have much more choice of new technology.

Automation and mechanization

Companies are constantly looking for new opportunities to labor productivity (more work at the same time) increase. That happened under other automation and mechanization. With mechanization, employees get new, better equipment, so they can increase labor productivity. With automation, all the work of employees taken over by machines.

An example:

At the bench once a man you could cash in liver. Today there is a device, a debit card in which you can do, you can enter code and then you can deposit your money. This saves the bank in an employee. The employee leaves and is taken over by a machine. It is consequently of automation.

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