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I would appreciate if the review is taken in a positive way.I have no intention to demean someone’s reputation.

I underwent treatment for pimples & pigmentation for a span of three months (Nov. 2010-Jan. 2011)at Hyderabad skin hospital.

I took four sittings: two microdermabrasion (MD)& two chemical peels(CP).

>>Two sittings of MD by Dr. Seetaram reddy couldn’t show any change in my skin.DISAPPOINTING !!
>>I then took two sittings of CP by Dr. Gautam reddy. By using Q-tip he did spot application on my pigmentation & pimple marks.The way he did CP was entirely different from what I have seen on TV & in videos on internet…just spot application with Q-tip !! UNFORTUNATELY even CP din’t show any results.
>>I was also using Diprobec + Brite cream(4 % hydroquinone) prescribed by Dr. Gautam reddy.After using it for 1 & half month,I noticed that my pigmentation was appearing more dark as if it got burnt & I also developed two new pigmentation patches on the face. Dr. Gautam reddy said its just a side effect of hydroquinone & it will clear-up but it din’t. The marks are still present on my face.
>>Dr. Gautam reddy  finally prescribed me ELOCON ( mometasone furoate cream) & said if this cream also doesn’t work,he will try other chemical peels!!! Do I own a gold mine or what!! After taking four sittings in three months & spending nearly 3000  with NO RESULT, he expects me to go for other peel !!
>>Anyways  after using ELOCON for 6 days,I noticed tiny holes on my face !!
That’s  it !! I never consulted them again.

1.The treatment has done more harm than good.My existing pigmentation got burnt.I got two new pigmentation marks & tiny holes on face.My skin has become sensitive.I can clearly see tiny blood capillaries on my face skin.
2. Dr. Gautam reddy should learn to speak positive.On ASKING QUESTIONS LIKE--“ will this peel be effective?” or “ how many sittings will this peel take?”….Dr. Gautam reddy would reply “microdermabrasion only din’t give results,what will chemical peel do?!!”.If not good treatment,Dr. Gautam reddy should atleast try to give hope to his patients.
3. At last …Its total waste of our precious time & hard earned money.

Microdermabrasion(per sitting) :  500 Rs treatment fee + ~ 200 Rs medicine + transport charges
Chemical peeling  (per sitting)   :  400 Rs treatment fee + ~ 200 Rs medicine + transport charges
Treatment fee may differ because I have seen some people paying 300 Rs or 400 Rs or 450 Rs or may be 200 Rs also. I don’t know on what basis they charge treatment fee.i guess one should have the knack to bargain( but what is the point to bargain when you don’t get any results).
Consultation fee                        : 200 Rs or 250 Rs (I don’t know the exact amount because I have paid directly for the treatment).

Thank you for reading.


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