Dubai is known as the El Dorado of the East.It's  hard to imagine that just 6 decades back it was a barren piece of land filled with sand dunes. In fact, Dubai right up to the thirties and forties was just a fishing village. The discovery of oil changed all that and within a decade Dubai and the other Middle East countries struck it rich. Their economy was transformed from a desert economy and camels to a modern city that rivals  the best cities of the world. Dubai in particular became a mega metropolis.

Compared to the other Middle Eastern countries, the United Arab Emeritus that consists of 9 sheikhdoms including Dubai and Abu Dhabi was transformed into a modern and secular state. Indians have flooded here and I have observed that in Dubai there is everything from a Gurudwara and Temple to a church. In addition there are many bars and night spots. This is because of the sagacity of the rulers, who are a pragmatic lot.

Dubai has very little oil now, but it has developed as a financial centre that rivals London. It is also a great tourist destination showcasing the worlds tallest tower ( Burj Khalifa) and the finest beach resorts. One place that is worth a visit in Dubai is the "miracle garden". It is hard to imagine that such a world class garden has  been created on what was earlier a sandy desert.

The Miracle Garden is about 25 kms from the city centre and has a string of flowers and shrubs, some of which are exotic. The garden boasts car models, trains and ships all made of flowers. It requires great planning to grow the flowers in way to create a Mercedes Benz. I haven't seen anything like this in London or elsewhere. the entrance fee is 50 AED( about $12) and one can spend an entire day there. In the centre of the garden are the eating joints which serve everything from biryani to burgers. One can have  his fill of meat, beef or chicken. Many Indians opt for vegetarian stuff, which is also available.

The beauty of the garden overwhelms the visitor and its great to just sit on the lush lawns and while away the time. A fact that Indians must learn is the exemplary cleanliness, displayed all around and that makes the visit more enjoyable. I wanted to load some photos taken by me, but somehow they could not get uploaded.

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