The runaway success of movies like Avatar has quickly brought the 3-D technology into the mainstream.It has not only generated interest in the technology but also urged companies to launch 3-D enabled computers, TV sets, etc.Just as it is revolutionising the movie industry, 3-D technology shall revolutionise the gaming industry as well.

PS3Devices capable of 3-D gaming have already started appearing in the market.Basically, to enjoy 3-D gaming, you have three options: PCs (desktops and laptops), projectors and gaming consoles.With a laptop or desktop, you require a 3-D enabled monitor and 3-D glasses.With a 3-D projector too, you would require 3-D glasses as the image is still 2-D (having length and breadth).Glasses create the impression of depth

The choice between a dedicated 3-D gaming console and a 3-D capable computer depends on what kind of gamer you are.For regular gamers, a high-end graphics-enabled PC is recommended from everyday usage perspective.It will give you the flexibility of gaming and computing in a single machine.

"Personally speaking, I would anyday go for a gaming PC, as most of the games provide a PC version.Also, a gaming PC can substitute a desktop PC and be used for work and entertainment or even more functions.A gaming console doesn't offer all these features and, looking at the present scenario, consumers are always looking out for gadgets that can multitask and don't minf investing in such high-end products", says Alex Huang,general manager-system business group, ASUS (India).

On the other hand, those looking at high-end gaming applications are advised to go for a dedicated gaming console.Gaming consoles are of greater demand for high-end gamers as newer technologies get unveiled from time to time from manufacturers like Sony, MIcrosoft and Nintendo-the three big names in the gaming console industry.

But again, it is the personal choice of a gamer to go this way or that.

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