Friendship is a word of purity. Though many years and days have passed but the word friendship has never become old and its value is same. It does not have any differences like religion, caste and gender, rich and poor. It’s a wonderful experience. Everyone needs friendship. Now a day’s getting good friend is very tough. To face many problems and many kinds of situation in our life, we need friends support a lot. There are many people who share their problems with the friends and make their mind free. Among lakhs, it is very difficult choose a good friend who is suitable to you. Choosing a good friend completely depends on our cleverness and analysis about the person. There is no place for selfishness in friendship. It contains only purity, truthfulness and honesty. If you want your friends to be with you in your life forever then you need take care of few things.

It is very tough to start a conversation with a person whom you like and want to make your friend. Most of the people have a starting problem. They don’t know how to start a conversation while making new friends. Especially girls have this problem, when they want to make friendship with a boy. So let us know few tips.

1. Did we ever met before anywhere

To start a conversation with a person whom you like and want to be a friend then this is the best starting. Go to him with a confidence and start a conversation saying “   Hai did we ever met before anywhere”. The answer which comes from him will start a conversation between you both.

2. Will you do little favor please

The other person will surely react to this question. As you asked him the help, he will feel lucky. When he comes towards you then you ask him a help. When you have any heavy thing in your hands, and then ask him to hold some of those things.  If you are in internet, then ask him to check as network is not working properly. If you want to search an address then ask him. Boys like helping girls. When he helps you, then immediately thank him by smiling, from then a good conversation starts between you.

3. Can I sit here

This is one of the simplest ways which girls follow mostly. They may ask like this in a bus, train, restaurant, airport where they can feel comfortable. When you ask any help to anyone, you need to smile and ask. Then you get good response.

4. Leave your things near to him

Without giving any clue, a conversation starts first from the person you like and want to make your friend. That is when you go towards him then drop a pen, book, key or anything then he will pick it up and give you. So he only starts the conversation. Then thank him with a cute smile. You may not get a chance to talk at this time. There is a chance to talk if you both meet anywhere unexpectedly as this will be the reason.

5. Tell Directly

If you like that guy and want to make him friend then go and say directly that you want to make him your friend. At the start of the conversation if you say your opinion then no one will think about it badly. You should take care that you should not exceed your limits. Your conversation with him should not make him uncomfortable. 

Therefore, try to apply these tips when you want to make a boy as your good friend.

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