In India once a cricketer is over 30 years of age, he is asked to retire, however well his performances are.  The 30 plus cricketer could be very fit & playing better than any other international cricketer but he has to retire for the simple reason is that he has to make way for a youngster.

Similarly an employee has to retire once he attains the stipulated age of 55 or 60 years.  Fitness or efficiency does not count, because the rule says he has to retire.  Even if he is the sole bread winner and the entire family is dependent on him, still he has to retire, because there are certain rules which have to be followed.

Unofficial rules applicable to our cricketers and official ones applicable to our employees are not applicable to our dear politicians.  They may be more than 80 years of age, but need not retire.  They may be carrying all the diseases in the world, yet they need not retire.  They may be the most inefficient, that does not count.  They might not have had the basic education and still that does not count.  They could be corrupt but still they are licenced to rule the country as long as they like.

Dear Friends, it is high time that we stop giving VIP treatment to politicians.  Rules applicable to us should be applicable to them also.





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