The GOP  is as good as over with the acceptance of Donald as the Republican candidate to face Hillary Clinton.It was not a smooth convention as there was a lot of acrimonies. Many, particularly from the old guard led by Mitt Romney are miffed at the success of Donald Trump. This man was not given half a chance a year back to bag the nomination and yet he has triumphed heads on. Donald was like a boxer fighting a ring battle with the referees biased against him. But he knocked out his opponents and the referees were sidelined. 

Rise of Trump

The rise of Donald Trump is a grave blow to the ego of the older republicans and their supporters. Even now the opponents of Donald in the run up to the nomination have refused to endorse their opponent though they had been soundly defeated. Thus Ted Cruz and John Kasich have avoided endorsing Donald, in addition, many in the old guard have instigated agitations and sit-ins against Trump. One reason for this is that in case Donald wins at the hustings, these men would all be sitting outside the dining hall and only eating porridge. Donald is a strong man and not a candidate of the  establishment.  This has hurt the ego of the senior Republicans  and it will not be a surprise if they support the opponent of Donald Trump, the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton to undermine a Donald victory.

All sorts of protests are being made against Donald. In one case 100 women stripped down and protested against the nomination of Trump.  But the opponents forgot got one point and that is that Donald commanded grassroots support among the Republicans and that is what propelled him forward. Donald himself gave an excellent analogy of his victory. He said he was like a boxer fighting in hostile territory  and the only way he could win was by a knockout, which he did. 

Coming election

What about the election? at the start, many of the Gallup polls gave an advantage of 12 points to Hillary over Donald. But despite the massive lead., it has slowly been whittled down and Donald is almost abreast of Hillary. Many Americans like the views of Donald. Some of them are indeed those that affect an average American. He has talked of Islam as an opponent and suggested ways to crush Islamic terrorism by hitting the ISIS leadership at their bases. He has announced that he would declare war on ISIS. He has announced that he would stop migration from  Mexico by building a wall. It may be an impractical suggestion, but it appeals to the American people. He has also announced that he would counter China and that again is a move that appeals to the common man, who feels that China is a threat.

Many Americans used to a policy that was something like appeasement as personified by Obama  are happy with such opinions of Donald. He sometimes talks off the cuff and that shows that perhaps he will have to be more measured when and if he becomes the President. The Muslim world will not be happy at the rise of Donald and his victory at the hustings may well be a landmark in world history and hasten the Armageddon- the last battle between good and evil. The definition of good and evil is relative as to which side you are on. Hillary is the status quo candidate and to my mind, she will bring in only stagnation, both politically and economically.

Last word

Donald has got the nomination, now it is between him and Hillary. The lady has the advantage as she has a united democrat party behind her with the solid support of Obama who would like Hillary to carry on with his legacy. On the other hand, Donald has a splintered GOP behind him and many would like to cut his roots. But the acid test is the American people and they will decide. But again the American election system is in a way rigged as a candidate with a greater majority of votes may not win. This is because of the peculiar system of having elections by the electoral college. Thus in a particular state in case  a candidate wins he bags ALL the electoral votes. One has now to await the elections in November to see who wins the greater number of electoral votes.

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