The word timer has different conotation at different levels of a woman's
emotional growth chart.

From school bell timers to relationship timers. Everything known to mankind
has a packaging date and an expiry date. Every piece of chocolate, every
pair of shoes, every dress, every emotion every relationship...everything
has a timer. And when the expiry date arrives the timer goes off. The
question is whether to let yourself drown in that awful noise of the timer
or to pave way for the triumphant entrance of the next timer.

No matter how cynical this may sound but this my friend happens to be the
truth. How ever the question may arise that if we do know that the timer
will scream it's guts out sooner or later, why are we so apprehensive about
its arrival???Well there might be no answer to that question...but that
would only be the case if we are not ready to look. Look beyond our timer
fears!! But do we really want to look.

Is it good to have the timer fear??? Or are we simply conditioned to have
it. Or do we actually look forward to the timer because we know that what
ever be the case it is lurking there somewhere all set to come out the
miniute we slacken and make us ready to move on.

Sometimes maybe its not about slackening maybe there really is a shelf life
to everything. And remember what everyone always said "consuming expired
products could be dangerous". So i come to the conclusion that maybe having
a timer which goes off at the expiry date is actually a good thing.

Remember the timer is a smart thing it will not go off before the expiry
date. But when it does be sure to let go and move on...after all the timer
is a girl's best friend.

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