Malayatoor perunnal is the perunnal (religious ceremony) celebrated at malayatoor church which is located at malayatoor hill.It is a great religious festival where catholics from different parts of country are coming.

The place is about 50 km from kochi.

This famous Catholic church is dedicated to St.Thomas.

It is believed that the Apostle, who came to India in the first century A.D, visited Malayattoor twice.

The ' Perunnal' or Feast at the Church is celebrated on the Sunday after Easter.  Lakhs of devotees carrying the wooden crosses are arriving at Kurisumudy. During the pilgrimage season people from different religions and also belonging to all age groups climb up at Malayattoor hill to attend the festival.

The pilgrimage season lasts for nearly six weeks. I had gone to attend malayatoor perunnal many times and it is a great feel when you get there.

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