• Wheat flour – 2 cups
  • Palak chop – 1 cup
  • Oil – table spoon
  • Cumin seeds – little
  • Salt – according to the taste
  • Chili powder or pepper powder – ¼ tea spoon
  • Oil or butter – according to the need for frying


  1. Wash palak with water thoroughly.
  2. Then boil it in water and later remove the water.
  3. Then let it get cool
  4. Now take wheat flour, palak, salt, chili powder or pepper powder, cumin seeds, oil in a bowl.
  5. Mix them finely.
  6. Then add sufficient water in it and mix them finely to form as chapathi mixture.
  7. Now make this mixture into small balls.
  8. Then press these balls into Paratha form.
  9. Now apply butter or oil to the pan and then fry these parathas.
  10. Therefore, Palak Paratha is ready.

About the palak paratha

Actually palak is very good for health especially people who have eye problems. As it is a leafy vegetable it is even helpful for the best growth of our hair. Most of the people have palak in the form of dal, curry, palak paneer and all. But no one may have it in the form of paratha. This is a special recipe. Very easy to prepare. There is no hard work to prepare this. Just mixing all the ingredients and pressing them as chapathi. People who does not like palak, if they taste these palak paratha then they will love to have it. Everyone will surely love to have these parathas. There is no need of any combination to eat palak paratha as palak itself inside the parathas. But If you are interested to increase its taste then you can have it with the combination of any sauce. Preferably tomato sauce.  I wish you also prepare it and enjoy its taste. If you have any experience with this dish please share with us through your comments.

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