Unexpected if any guest come to our house then we will be thinking what kind of variety to prepare for offering them. We try to make the item with the items available in the house itself and within no time. You may be preparing many dishes using paneer till now. Among those kaju paneer is a special dish. Let us try it.

Kaju Paneer

Cooking time – 30 minutes


  • Paneer – ¼ kg (cut them into small pieces)
  • Onion – 1 (big one)
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece
  • Green chili – 5
  • Capsicum – 1 (finely chop it)
  • Coriander seeds powder – 1 ½ tea spoon
  • Fenugreek leaves – few
  • Garamasala – 1 tea spoon
  • Milk – 1 ½ cup
  • Kaju – 15 (soak them in hot milk for 10 minutes and make them into paste)
  • Salt – according to the taste
  • Oil – ½ table spoon


  1. Place a bowl on the stove and add oil.
  2. Then add paneer pieces and let them fry until they change into slightly wheat in color.
  3. Then take them into a bowl and keep aside.
  4. Now fry onions chop finely and then make them into the paste.
  5. Take the onion paste into another bowl and keep aside.
  6. In the similar manner make ginger and green chili past also and keep aside.
  7. Now place a bowl on the stove and add oil in it .
  8. When the oil gets heated up then add onion paste.
  9. Let it fry for 7 minutes.
  10. Then add capsicum chop into it and fry it for 3 minutes.
  11. Then add ginger, green chili paste, coriander seeds powder and salt in it.
  12. Mix them finely and add a little water, let them boil for 2 minutes
  13. Now add milk, kaju paste and paneer pieces in it and mix them finely.
  14. Then add milk cream, Fenugreek leaves and garamasala in it. 
  15. Mix them thoroughly.
  16. After 1 or 2 minutes off the flame. 
  17. Therefore, Kaju Paneer curry is ready.

Kaju Paneer curry can be taken with the combination of rice or roti. 

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