This article is not written with the intention to earn money. These are some tips which i keep getting while playing online games. My intention is to just share the tips with other readers so that they can benefit from it. I do not have enough time to modify the content in my own words, so i have just taken the tips as it is from the internet and pasted it here.

Tips for the brain -

1. Drink green tea! Green tea protects the brain from toxins, and mops up free radicals. It is one of the best drinks to boost your mental power, but even regular tea provides some benefits.

2. Change Your Environment! Eat lunch somewhere new, drive a new route to work, or change your household routines. Changing your environment helps to keep your brain stimulated.

3. Learn the words to a song! Careful listening will help you with understanding, thinking and remembering. Reciting the song requires close focus, which releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

4. Take a walk! The American Academy of Neurology studied women and walking. They found that even one extra mile walked per week reduced a woman's risk of cognitive decline by 13 percent.

5. Practice your recall! After looking at a sculpture or painting, turn away and recall the details. After reading a newspaper article, recall it and tell someone about it.

6. Get a good night's sleep! People who don't get enough sleep have more trouble learning new information. Sleep gives your brain a chance to consolidate learning and memories.

7. Take part in debates! Passionate debates train your brain to think quickly. Debates improve your brain by boosting your ability to apply intelligence to verbal situations.

8. Do a jigsaw puzzle! Jigsaw puzzles hone your visual judgments and fine motor skills. Jigsaws force you to mentally rotate the pieces, and to relate each small piece to the big picture.

9. Read Books! This teaches your brain to quickly absorb lots of information. Books boost your vocabulary and critical thinking skills, and help with memorization skills.

10. Eat dark chocolate! The darker the better. Chocolate activates the system that pumps dopamine around your brain, enhancing learning and memory, and keeping your brain sharp and fit.

11. Playfully Mimic Others! Mimicry develps your powers of observation and ability to think quickly. Mimicking others can be fun, and develops your brain's skill at adapting quickly to new situations.

12. Use it or lose it! Using your brain regularly triggers new neuronal growth and slows age-related decline. Challenge yourself to think of a new use for everything you see.

13. Play video games! Experts from the University of Rochester, New York, measured game-players and non-players. They found that certain video games enabled people to make decisions 85% faster than non-gamers.

14. Play pool! Concentrating on the "here and now" blocks out distractions and keeps your mind focused, increasing mental clarity. Billiard players must concentrate on the shot at hand as they strategically plan their next move.

15.  Take a new route! Don't just go to school, shops or work by the automatic way that you know by heart. Take a new route, and force your brain to focus its attention on the task.

16.  Shower with your eyes closed! Showering stimulates several senses including touch, smell, sound and warmth. Closing your eyes gives your other senses a chance to become more active.

17. Challenge yourself with puzzles! They are a great way to get brain exercise. Crossword puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, and even good riddles are great ways to tune up your brain.

18. Do a Sudoku puzzle! Sudoku and other numeric puzzles help to develop your powers of logic and reasoning. They also improve your concentration and attention to detail.

19. Build a miniature model! Following complex written instructions activates your brain and sharpens your concentration. Assembling your own furniture is just as good, and will save you money too.

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