Yes, it is seen that some people, did not have daily sleep record, of sleeping for 7-8 hours per night. Their reason for it vary, from person to person. Some did not have adequate hours, to sleep due to work scenario; which allow very less hours, for sleeping. Whereas some have sufficient hours, for sleeping; but are not able to sleep because of noisy or disturbing environment; which break their sleep intermittently. Whereas some have sufficient hours to sleep, adequate environment to sleep; but are not able to sleep because they are insomniac patient; which have difficulty in sleeping.

But, sleeping for 7-8 hours is very much compulsory, if you want to have good health. Because, if you are not sleeping for this set of hours, then be ready, to face 7 bad effects; which can occur to health of  your body and mind, if you did not sleep for 7-8 hours at night. But, what are those 7 bad effects, which can occur to you? Well those are-

1) Lazy and tired body all time, whole day and night- Yes, when you did not sleep, for sufficient 7-8 hours during night and slept for only 4 hours; then rest of 3 hours sleep, will come in day; due to which, whole day you will feel lazy. You will also feel, tired whole day; the reason for it, I will give you, in next point.

2) Body repair work, does not get completed, when sleeping hours, pattern is disturbed- Yes, live human body repairs itself; while you are sleeping. A total of 7-8 hours sleep is necessary, for complete repair; but, if you did not sleep for, those sufficient hours and slept for only 1/2 of them; then only half repair is done and rest of repair is pending and due to this pending repair, which is not done; person feel lazy, tired and sleepy, rest of the day.

3) Remain in state of, absent minded, whole day and keep forgetting things, every now- Like body repair, mind repair is not done, when you did not sleep for appropriate hours; due to which, mind also does not work, properly and patient feel, absent minded whole day; absorbed in thoughts. Forgetfulness or you can say, memory loss, forgetting things just told, is very much common to occur to a person; if he or she does not sleep, for sufficient hours.

4) Functional hearing impairment- Yes, functional hearing impairment can occur; if you did not sleep, for required set of hours; which is very my compulsory, if you do not want to get victimized, with hearing impairment. So, why to be its victim; when you have simple solution of sleeping, for sufficient hours. If you did not have time; then you have to create, free time niche, for sleeping; to avoid, this functional hearing impairment problem.

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