If you got your pregnancy confirmed, in very initial days of pregnancy; then you must be experiencing, first trimester symptoms; which are known for their worseness and which are making your life, hell everyday; they can be stopped in their budding stage, by following right first trimester diet advice; given by most of the doctors. What diet one should consume in pregnancy, is very elaborated topic that I will discuss on some other day, in some other article. Today I will discuss, only diet that one should follow, in first trimester of pregnancy that is, in initial 3 months of pregnancy.

So, here comes 5 dietary advice, given by most doctors on, what one should consume and what not, in 1st trimester of pregnancy; to vanish worse symptoms, of 1st trimester of pregnancy and they are-

1) Consume fruits, especially juicy ones- Yes, fruits especially juicy ones, for example- juicy apple, orange, kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate, grapes; one should consume in pregnancy. They will vanish your heart burn episodes, only for that day, on which you have consumed, any of the above mentioned juicy fruit. But, if you skipped your juicy fruit consumption, schedule on any single day; then it will make, heart burn acidic episodes, appear again.

2) Avoid heavy fatty and fried food- They will make return and maintenance of worse symptoms of first trimester of pregnancy; such as dyspnoea, acidic heart burn symptoms, nausea and vomiting; if you does not stopped, consuming such heavily fried food.

3) Have something eaten, before getting up from bed, after waking in morning- This norm you must follow every morning, on waking up from bed; to avoid, whole day dyspnoea, weakness, nausea and morning sickness episodes; which will disturb you, if you not consumed something in morning, on waking. .

4) As much possible, avoid outside heavily, spiced and chilly food- They will not only cause heart burn; but also cause, too much acidity that impairs normal digestion process and pregnant woman have, to face abdominal disturbance symptoms.

5) Listen to what your body signals, is right and wrong for you- Sometimes there comes, craving for something specific in pregnancy. Sometimes that craving stuff cures, a woman's first trimester pregnancy aliments and sometimes not. So, your body is best teller of your story; if something, for which craving comes, but body does not accept it; then if possible, try to not eat again. I know it is easy to say than to follow; but it is for your wellness and if you follow it religiously; then it will give you, good health in return; so what is harm in that.

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