Absolute granulocytes count is also known as absolute neutrophil count. It is a measure of the number of granulocytes. Neutrophils or granulocytes are a kind of white blood cell that helps to fight infection. It is usually calculated by the number of white blood cells. It is a combination of the number of mature neutrophils and the bands, which are immature ones. Absolute neutrophil count is a part of the complete blood count and is not usually tested singly. A normal absolute neutrophil or granulocyte count is around 1500 cells per microliter.

If the count is less than 500 cells/µL less then it is a condition called neutropenia. It increases all risks of infection.
Neutropenia is a condition where the absolute neutrophil count is significantly less. Neutrophilia is the opposite condition where the granulocytes are increased in number. The count gives an approximate estimate of the number of white blood cells fighting the infection. The unit cells are cells per micro liter. A complete blood count test shows the absolute granulocytes count. It is an accurate measure of the infection you are exposed to. Granulocyte count determines if you have to be given any specific kind of treatment.

When the ANC is low, then that means there are less neutrophils. Lesser neutrophils is a condition called neutropenic. The more serious the condition, the better it is to avoid any kind of infection. Most lab reports shows the measured blood count values. The absolute granulocyte is determined from the numbers you see on the lab report. Granulocytes or neutrophils are the most common kind of white blood cells.

White blood cells kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi. There are other types of white blood cells too apart from granulocytes. The younger granulocytes attack the bacteria in the body. Knowing the right granulocyte count helps to fight the infection within. The absolute neutrophil count equals the total white blood cell count multiplied by the total percentage of granulocytes.

For example if the WBC is 4.3 then this is equal to 48% and Bands is equal to 2%. Then the Absolute neutrophil count would be 4300x(0.48 + 0.02) = 4300 x 0.5 = ANC of 2150 Enter 4.3 (WBC) 48 (Seg %) 2 (Bands %).

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