Nuts and their benefits for our health

Nuts are very important in our daily consumption of food. They are very helpful to us in providing sufficient nutrients. Actually to our knowledge dry fruits are dry grapes and dry dates. But now most of the fruits are available in a dry fruit manner. kaju, pista, badam are also taken into the category of dry fruits as they also have same amount nutrients which dry fruits have. Among the dry fruits we mostly use kaju, badam, dry dates and dry grapes. The people who are weak due to health problem, if they have these then they will recover soon. Especially people who are suffering from piles, they should have the dry grapes which are soaked in water for the whole day. Then they should drink that water also. This water is good for children. According to their age we can soak 6 dry grapes in water and make them drink. Dry grapes contain huge amount of Iron. These are good for the people who are less weight and people who are suffering from anaemia.

Monounsaturated fats are available in kaju. So these are very good for the heart. It contains potassium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and vitamin. Glucose is present in dates. It is good to have them by soaking in water. If we have it once in weak then our heart will be healthy. Badam is nutrient content.   

  1. Badam: Having Badam daily is very good for our health. It controls our cholesterol. It improves our immune system. Consumption of one handful of badam is very much good for health. It gives us the fat which is good for our health. Overeating of badam beyond the limit is not at all good for health.
  2. Kaju: Taking Kaju every day is very much good for our health. It contains oleic acid is a good cholesterol for heart. The zinc, magnesium, copper, Iron, which are present in kaju are helpful in improving the red blood cells and muscles of the heart. 
  3. Pecans: These contain the most amounts of vitamins and it melts the fat deposits in the channels of blood in our body. It contains 15 vitamins which are necessary for the heart that is Vitamin A, B and E, folic Acid, minerals, calcium and potassium. The magnesium and zinc are good for even bones and muscles also.
  4. Pista: These contain huge amount of fiber. These are very good for the heart. It reduces the fat in our body. It cures cancer. As it contains more proteins so it gives us more energy.
  5. Val Nut: The nutrients are much available to them. These contain vitamin B, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and E, Minerals like copper, Zinc, calcium, magnesium, Iron are available and these help in balancing the sugar levels in blood. These even contain omega3 fatty acids and these control cholesterol in our body. It is good to take val nut early morning with empty stomach.
  6. Fig (Anjeer): It contains Iron, vitamin-c, and these help in curing anemia and improves immune system.
  7. Dry Grapes: These are very good for our health. Sugar content is more in them. The people who became weak due to health problem, if they have some of these dry grapes then they soon recover. Especially this is good for the health of piles suffering people, if they have them by soaking in water and the soaked water. Then their problem will get cured. This contains more iron. These are good for the improving the weight and anemia patients. 
  8. Dry dates: The glucose is naturally available in these. By grinding the dry fates and remove the seeds, then mix them in water. Let them soak whole night. Having it at morning which is very healthy. These contain best nutrient values. If anyone has low glucose in them then if they have these then their glucose levels will be balance.
  9. Ground nuts: These are very much good for our health. This is best for Monosaturated fat. These are very good for our heart. This will avoid health problems. AntiOxidants, vitamin E, Niacin, protein, manganese are available in ground nuts. It avoids the health problems related to the digestive system. The fibers present in them are good for our digestion. It avoids intestine cancer. 

Food habits for Diabetic patients:

Instead of controlling food habits after the occurrence of the diabetic disease, it is better to follow necessary food habits before itself. Our life style, food habits, improper care towards our body, improper food, environmental changes and pollution causes the diabetes disease. In India and in most of the other countries, the diabetic patients’ number is increasing. Diabetes2 disease which occurs only in elders and now it is even seen in children also. So this should be taken seriously. The diabetic patients should take care of small problems and can escape from big problems. Food plays a major role in curing this disease. Half of the disease can be controlled by following good food habits. So let us know about the food habits for diabetic patients:

  1. Sugar, jaggery, honey, sweets, chocolates, cakes, glucose biscuits, Ice cream, jam, sugar cane juice, sweet drinks, cool drinks, fruits which are sweet in taste(banana, mango, sapota, custard apple, grapes) should be avoided.
  2. Coffee, tea and milk should be taken without adding sugar.
  3. Should drink more water.
  4. Avoid having oily foods and using oil in cooking.
  5. Oil should be used very less in quantity.
  6. Should prefer to have breakfast like idly, roti.
  7. It is good to prefer having the food which contains more fiber.
  8. Instead of taking more amount of food at a time for 2 times is better to take less quantity for the number of times regularly.
  9. It is suggested to have roti and chapatti at night.
  10. For maintaining glucose levels in our blood you can have lemon juice, tomato juice, buttermilk and fruit juices.
  11. Should not do fasting though it is a festival.

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