The methods for controlling hair fall

Hair is playing a great role in the beauty of us. The thick hair gives a wonderful look to us. The hair fall is a common problem in people, specially women worry a lot with this problem. Don’t think there is no solution for this. There are lot of methods for this problem. Let's know how to protect our hair by following few methods.

  1. Apply white egg yolk to the hair and after half an hour wash it with cold water then the hair splitting will not occur.
  2. Mix one spoon olive oil in lime juice and apply to your hair. Then after one hour wash your hair with water.
  3. Apply hibiscus leaves or flowers for your hair, after an hour take a hair bath. Continue this for one weak then there will be a good result.
  4. By mixing lime juice in warm coconut oil and applying to hair, then massage your hair. After one hour have hair bath. This will control the hair falling problem.
  5. Prepare a mixture of lime juice, curd, henna powder and white yolk. Then apply this mixture to your hair and after 1 hour wash it finely. Try to repeat this process twice a week, so for some days your hair becomes stronger and hair falling won’t occur. Dandruff problem also will be solved if you have.
  6. Mix white egg yolk in coconut oil, then it forms into white paste. Then add lime juice in it. Apply this mixture to your hair and take a hair bath after half an hour then your hair will be strong and silky.
  7. Mix 1 spoon of amla powder, fenu greek leaves, in curd. Then add 2 drops eucalyptus oil and little beetroot juice in it. Let it get soaked whole night. Mix finely and apply to the hair then after half an hour take a hair bath. This process should be followed once in a week for a few days. Then your hair will be healthy and beautiful. 

If you follow any of the above methods, your hair falling problem will get solved. 

Skin care for its longevity:

Beauty is just making ourselves look special. If your body is healthy then you can look beautiful. Likewise, when our skin is healthy then only we look beautiful. The beauty is not only external it is even related to our internal health. When our age increases, first our skin gets changed. We wish to postpone such changes for some more time. Mostly we concentrate on the face and neck & we take special care. We cannot have immediate results. According to the our age, we have to treat our skin then only we get correct results. Most people feel anxious to look beautiful which is a common thing. Especially in women all age people are very much interested to look beautiful. They may be following many beauty tips and many beauty products also. But we can get beauty with natural items also. There are few secrets. Let's start learning it in detail:


Water is not a secret of beauty but the characters of water will make us look beautiful. Instead of measuring how much water we have taken on the day, it is good to drink water whenever we feel thirsty. Due to water, our skin gets dehydrated and it will be fresh with moisture and it does not let our skin get dry. Therefore, water is considered as beauty secret.

Compulsory sun screen

To look young, you have to apply sun screen lotion. Due to the ultraviolet rays which fall through sunray will affect our skin and our skin gets an aged look & even skin problems occur. So to get rid of these problems we have to apply sunscreen lotion to the skin. Due to the sun screen, our skin becomes smooth and shining. After applying the sunscreen, don’t go out immediately, stay at home for 15 minutes so that the creams immerse inside the skin.


You should moisturize your body by applying body lotion. Due to massaging the body lotion to your body, your body looks slim and beautiful. But you should be careful while choosing the moisturizer creams. The creams which contain SFP+ are good for beauty of our skin. 

Importance to hands and neck

We give much importance to our face, similarly importance should be given to our hands and neck because these come next to face in beauty. So they should also give a lot of attention and care. Whenever you have a face wash at that clean your hands and neck then moisturizer should apply to hands and neck also. You should apply sufficient cream only. Due to these tips, your hands and neck also looks beautiful along with your face.


To look beautiful, we need a beautiful body structure so for having beautiful body structure we should practice exercise daily. Only facials cannot give a glow to your face, fresh exercises also need to practice. So that the blood circulation will be well performed and the capacity of the oxygen in the body will increase. 

Be Happy

We should try to be happy every minute of the life. When we are happy then automatically one glow will enter into our face. So we should be happy and always smile. Enjoy the life.

Four face packs to avoid skin cracks in winter season

In the winter season we should take more care of our skin compared to other seasons especially aged people. Because in winter season the skin gets dry and its looks dull. Finally it looks ugly. By following few face packs we can obtain smooth and beautiful skin. In earlier, women used to protect their skin by utilizing natural methods. In present days also by using these natural methods to the skin problems like toxic, cleansing, drying of the skin and protecting the skin. 

  1. Cultured Milk face Mask: This is very easy method of taking care of our skin. Due to this method, skin will look fresh though it is tired. Now take mixing bowl, add little curd, buttermilk and sour cream. Then you have mixed  them finely using mixy.  Apply this mixture on your face except on your eyes. After 10 minutes wash it with cold water. Therefore, there will be no effect on your skin and no cracks will occur due to the winter season. 
  2. White Egg yolk Face Mask: This method works very well for the oily skin. Apply white egg yolk to your face finely. Then wash your face after half an hour then the stickiness of your skin will go and your skin becomes smooth. Therefore, your skin looks healthy. It tights our skin. If we follow this process in winter season then our skin will get protected from getting skin cracks and other effects. 
  3. Oat Milk Face Mask: Oat milk protects our skin very the well in winter season. Mix white egg yolk with oat milk and then grind them using mixy. Apply this mixture to your face and after half an hour wash it with warm water. Then your skin will be smooth and glowing.
  4. Banana Face Mask: It is bit tough to protect our skin in winter season. The Banana face mask is the best for the people who have sensitive skin. Take a completely ripen banana and remove its skin. Then smash it pulp and add sweet cream in it. Mix them finely. Now apply this mixture to your skin. Leave it for half an hour. Then wash it with cold water. Therefore, your skin becomes, smooth, soft and shiny. You can apply this mixture at any time. This is not only for winter season it can be followed in other seasons also.

How to have good body structure and better longevity of beauty:

Having good body structure with a beautiful face gives a great look and appearance. 

Few tips for avoiding the increment of weight and look beautiful

  • Fibers, vitamins, anti-oxidants are much available in fresh leafy vegetables and other vegetables. If we consume these in less in quantity then also our stomach will be filled so there is no necessary to have more food. As these contain less calories so there is no chance of increasing weight.
  • It is good to avoid outside food and sodium contained food. It is better to use less salt in while cooking at home and avoid having stored pickels.
  • The food items like Ice cream, chocolate, sweets contains more calories which can increase our body weight. But these should not be controlled suddenly. They should be less in quantity.
  • The packed food material contain label on it where the nutrients details are being specified. So while purchasing such food material we have to read those details carefully, if there are less calories, sugar, carbohydrates then only should prefer.
  • Whenever you take food take in a small plate. Due to the small plate, we may have less food. We should take the vegetarian food which contains more water like tomato, cucumber, bottle gourd etc.
  • It is good to have seeds for 5 days as breakfast. Due to this, the storage of fat will reduce. They provide sufficient fiber and calcium to our body. Fruit juices contain more calories due to sugar so it is good to have fresh fruits directly.
  • Some people try to follow others plans in diet and exercises. But it is a good to consult doctor and then follow so that there will be no bad effects. 
  • Having food without maintaining timings. Especially taking food lately at night times. Due to this protein disappear from the food and fat at accumulates at the muscles. It is good to have dry fruits, salads, fruits for every 2 hours.
  • Proteins are much available in red urdal, beans, and sprouts. These are good for health. We should concentrate on exercises also.

Tips to follow in summar seasons:

In summer season For fulfilling our thirsty we need liquids and to cool our body we should change our diet.

1. In any season, having curd rice is very good for health. Before going out to  have curd rice. You won’t feel suffocating due to the hot sun. We can even add grapes, pomegranate seeds, finely chopped cucumber, Watermelon, curry leaves, pudeena and coriander. Then it will be tastier.

2. The vegetables like spinach, radish, beetroot, grapes, onion, other leafy vegetables, rich gourd, bottle gourd are should be taken regularly. These are very good for health. But we should consume them without adding any spices (Masala). The fruits which contain more water are should be taken during  this summer season. If these are taken regularly then there will be no effect of summer.

3. When we come to the home from outside in a hot sun, then we feel like having cool drink, but this should be avoided as people are using artificial colors, acids and pests for longer storage of them which are very harmful. These fulfill our thirst temporarily and they increase calories in our body. This leads to obesity problem.

4. We should avoid non vegetarian food in summer season. It should not be taken more than 3 days because more wastes will get accumulated in our body. If we want to remove those wastes then we should have more water in the early morning. Instead of having spicy curries, it is good to have fiber content curries so that they help us in sending the wastes out from the body.

How to own pink color and young look to your lips:

Pink color is the best color for lips to look beautiful and young even the person is aged one. Therefore, we can own pink color by using honey.

Honey is a very commonly available thing. It is a natural medicine on the earth. It is extracted by honey bees from different flowers and forms nectar. We can reduce our weight by having honey daily. It is mostly used in skin care. It controls the lip cracks and skin cracks. If we apply this to your skin then your skin gets a special glow. Honey is a natural moisturizer to our skin. 

We can prepare honey lip balm to protect our lips from getting aging. This is a famous product. Honey has a character of keeping your lips soft with moisture and with good shining. In most of the beauty tips we use honey.

Let us know benefits of the honey lip balm.

  1. This is made of the things which are available in nature. This honey lip balm will change the cracked lips, dry lips and rough lips to soft and shiny lips.
  2. The anti bacterial products present in honey will fight with the bacteria which causes infection to the skin.
  3. Skin cracks: we can heal the skin cracks at the elbows and knees by applying the mixture of honey, lime juice, and olive oil. Then your skin becomes normal and become smooth.
  4. Due to the applying of honey lip balm, the lips stick and lip gloss remains for a long time.
  5. Though your lips have no cracks but it is good to apply honey to your lips so that they do not get dry. So it is good to apply honey to your skin and lips in winter then your skin won’t get any effect in the winter season.

Preparation of Honey balm for owning pink color lips and protecting our lips:

  1. Take a mixing bowl; add 1 spoon honey and little Badam oil in it. Apply this mixture to your lips before you go to sleep.
  2. If you apply this at daytime, your lips will shine.
  3. Due to applying more at night time, it works as a moisturizer.
  4. You should store this in an air tight box. It can be used for 2 weeks only.

Note: Honey may be good for our health, but for some people it will be allergy. While applying it, if we feel bit itching and rashes and then we have to stop applying it.

Choose face powder according to your skin:

Applying face powder is very easy. Due to applying face powder we get natural beauty and your face looks fresh. Face powder sets your makeup to look more beautiful and attracting. Most of the women know that applying face powder on the nose is good as face powder removes the stickiness and oiliness from the nose. By applying face powder, we can protect our skin from sun rays. Some face powders will stay on the spots and in wrinkles which gives a very ugly look. So there are many methods in choosing the face powder.

We choose a best branded company to purchase face powder. Some people use same brand face powders for years and years. But some people change the brands of face powder frequently. Therefore, while purchasing face powder you have to consider your skin texture and color, then purchase according to it. Try to avoid the face powders which have more smell. Most of the powders lose their smell after a few hours. 

Dry skin: The people who have dry skin and wrinkles, they should use cream powder. Due to this, the skin becomes soft and smooth. 

Oily skin: The people who have oily skin, they should choose the face powder which gives moisturizing effect to the skin.

Youth Powder: If this powder is applied by teenagers then they look beautiful and their skin will shine. 

Evening powder: It is best to apply glitter powder at evening and  in parties.

How to apply powder:

After applying moisturizer it is good to apply face powder. Before applying foundation, we have to check whether the foundation cream has been set on our face properly or not. Then only we should apply foundation. 

Apply powder using puff and then set the powder with a powder brush don’t set the powder with puff.  Face Puffs are available with their sizes in the market. It is good to prefer medium sized puffs. So choose the puffs according to your skin texture and color. We should not apply face powder more at a time. If we follow all these tips and tricks then even an old age lady or old man also looks bit young and beautiful.

Cleansing with Milk for a special glow in skin:

This is a very special Milk cleansing.  This can be followed any age group women. But it is much benefit for aged women. We mostly heard about the protection of the skin is by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Due to the performing the cleansing of the skin, the dead cells get removed and skin becomes clean. Therefore, the skin becomes tight. This is a best benefit for the aged people as their wrinkles on their skin gets tightened up. This is very helpful in removing makeup completely and gives a natural look to the skin. So to own such a sensitive skin which is clear, glowing and without spots, then you have to clean your skin with milk cleansing process.

There are many methods to clean your skin, but cleaning your skin with milk is very easy. The milk used for cleansing are available in the market but they cannot give best result. So it is good to use the milk which we use at home. There are many uses with the dairy products milk and they are even useful for beauty also. Milk is used in many kinds of face creams. The face masks which milk is included are clean the skins very nice. 

Let's know about few cleansers with milk:

Milk and rose water cleanser:

Cleaning the skin with milk is very easy method. So mix a few drops of rose water in milk and apply to your face. Then massage your face in circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes. Then after few minutes wash it with cold water. Therefore, will make the skin pores to open and skin becomes clean and clear.

Oats and milk scrub cleanser:  

This is a scrub and even cleanser also. When you have no time then you can use this as a scrub and it is very simple. It takes a minute. Mix milk with oat milk powder and make it a paste. Apply it to your face and massage for a few minutes. Then wash it with cold water. Therefore, your skin will be smooth and moisturized.

Milk and papaya cleanser:

Mix milk and papaya pulp finely. Apply this to your face. Then after few minutes wash it with water. Therefore, the skin will be fresh.

Milk and carrot cleanser: 

The beta carotene present in the carrot will keep the skin moisture. Due to the usage of carrot skin looks fresh and removes the wrinkles from the skin. For facial cleanser, mix milk, carrot juice and curd. Apply this mixture to the skin and massage. Then after 8 minutes wash it with cold water. Your skin looks fresh and glowing. And smooth. 

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