When we see some ladies in the middle ages of 30's and 40's, it seems they are just damaged machines moving around. Their tiredness is well shown in their way of walk, talk and even smile. Not only their energy goes decreasing every day but their body parts may go damaged today or tomorrow. Recent researches have proved that such conditions are more seen in women than men, particularly with the start of middle ages. Also, 75% of ladies who consult doctors for some problems do have over tiredness. Yet, it’s possible to see a lot of ladies around us who enjoy the freshness of their 20’s even at their 50’s. How is it possible? Through this article I am giving a brief note on how to avoid such situations and keep freshness in your life everyday.

What ladies normally say

It’s true, everyone including us never take care of our body too much. Result – inviting diseases, aging and repairing of body parts much easier. “I feel tired, doctor”, it’s the same phrase told by every lady. They find their own reasons – work pressure, lack of sleep, family problems, recent loss of money are a few among them. But to find the correct reason, doctors need to consider a lot of factors.

What may be the reasons?

Perhaps some careless habit may be the reason. Even a simple disturbing thought can give you a sleepless night and loss of appetite. Nowadays it’s seen that if someone finds a slight increase in blood pressure, he may abandon the use of salt for ever so quickly. It may often lead to sudden tiredness and make you feel less energetic. If this tiredness is in excess, a saline injection may be needed – doctors say. If you have high blood pressure, you may need to reduce the intake of salt. Yet, those regulations should be done under doctor’s instructions only.

During summer seasons, through sweat a lot of sodium is lost from the body. 5 gram salt should be supplied through diet everyday. Though everyone feels it’s of low standard, rice cooked water added with a pinch of salt is a good energy drink. It’s a myth that coffin contained drinks give us a lot of refreshment. Truth is that, though they give temporary refreshment, it gives more tiredness to the body and most people do have the habit of frequent drinks. Modern competitive world is giving a lot of pressure, tensions and problems. Today’s fast life adds its own facts too. Work pressure and hard work may be other reasons.

When fatigue becomes disease

Feeling tiredness after a physical or mental work is not unusual. But if you feel so without any reason, you need to find the reason behind it. Even increase of your body fat can give you fatigue in return. Very often, it may be showing symptoms of some disease. If you are able to get rid of it within two weeks, no need to worry. But if you are feeling loss of weight, heart pain and difficulty in breathing along with fatigue, never hesitate to consult a doctor. It can fall in one of the following categories:

  • Can’t do anything
  • Can’t continue anything
  • Less concentration, loss of memory and over sensitiveness

According to symptoms, it may be divided to three categories

  • Recent fatigue – Fatigue started just one month before
  • Prolong fatigue - May be started before 1 month or so (in between second and six months)
  • Chronic fatigue – Started before six months

Most common in women than men

Recent studies say, more than 75% ladies who consult doctor for some reasons do have fatigue as a common factor. Most surprising factor is that if we take the age group of 20-40, this ratio is almost double. i.e. Tired females are double in number than corresponding males. Feeling tiredness while waking up in the early morning and doing kitchen works, body pain etc are now seen increasing in woman’s life. During more than one duty at the same time, more responsibilities to look after and increasing daily life tensions may be the common reasons. Now most ladies are working outside homes too.

After consulting a doctor, if he says no problem at all, it may increase her anxieties a lot. She may even consult two or three doctors later, hearing these words. Some ladies find relief in self assessment and taking medicines without doctor’s prescriptions. It may be for a small headache or vitamin tablets to get more refreshment, those medicines are not going to serve a particular person for a long time. Even decrease or increase of iron level in our blood can give similar symptoms.

May be due to hormone variations or iron deficiency

In middle ages, hormone variations are common in ladies. She may feel tension or depressed even for a slight variation. Lack of proper nutrition, fast food and period problems may be other reasons. If iron content lost through blood during periods is not supplied through food she may meet with iron deficiency resulting in fatigue. She may also feel dizziness and weakness. Not only iron deficiency, reduced level of folic acid, Vitamin B12 etc can give you paleness for sure. Low hemoglobin count which supplies oxygen to cells is another reason.

Thyroid problems

Nowadays thyroid problem is common in women. According to reports, majority of women are either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. If thyroid gland is not able to function properly, overall performance of a person can decrease. He may become a little bit slow in doing every activity. Feeling sleepy, lower blood circulation rate, low metabolic rate etc are most common in thyroid patients. Such persons are more prone to tensions too.

Any disease can make you weak

Every part of our body is co-related and hence if any part of our body is infected it may affect a person as whole. For every disease body weakness is the first symptom, from anemia to cancer. Diabetics, arthritis, polycystic ovarian disease, osteoporosis are some among those diseases that invite fatigue without any reason. So, the most important thing is to assure if our body is healthy and free of disease.

Some medicines too

Many medicines that we intake do have side effects too. Some medicines if used regularly can affect our heart, liver and over all function of the body. For certain medicines – fever to blood pressure, fatigue may be a temporary outcome. Antihistamines for allergies, steroids, pain killers, stress relieving medicines etc cause tiredness to body in long term. So, it’s better to avoid medicines as much as possible to reduce such side effects.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a bit serious

This syndrome never shows any external features or symptoms, yet the person appears drowsy. He may not be interested in doing even his normal things too. No special method is found yet to determine if a person is suffering from this prolonged illness or not. Its main symptom is fatigue with no disease symptoms. 80% of such patients show signs of depression during this time. Also, fatigue can’t be lessened with body rest too. They may feel less confident in doing simple things and not able to recall incidents from recent happenings. Head ache, joint point, throat pain and a feeling of tiredness are common symptoms.

Main problem is that symptoms of CFS may appear suddenly and when it’s detected after months, patient may be in a depressed mood keeping her far away from others. She may prefer loneliness and keep away from responsibilities. Medicines may be given to depression and joint pain. Yet, those are not sufficient enough to treat a CFS patient.

Some alterations may be needed to her life style and mental capabilities as well. Such patients may not admit that they have some mental problems or depressions which make treatments more difficult. So, full co-operation is to be given by her family members and never neglect even her minute pains. 

Sleep well

A working person should sleep 8 hours daily and absence of sleep can give fatigue to the body. It’s true, sleep plays an important role in keeping body balance and a sleepless night may present a long tiresome day for you. It can even affect functioning of heart, brain and body temperature. It’s said that a sleepless person die earlier than a hunger one. That’s the importance of sleep to every living being. Excess use of beverages, respiratory problems, mind disturbing incidents, defects of thyroid and pituitary glands, sound pollution etc are some of the annoying factors that may keep you away from sleep.

Laziness can be conquered

Bringing some freshness to daily routines can give more freshness to your life. Also, take that promise today itself that you will keep yourself away from laziness. Never postpone it to tomorrow. It’s the nature of laziness to do so. Make a list of your goals and desires and try to find five reasons that cause hindrances to reach your targets. Identifying the problems is the first stone leading to your success path. Also, take your own time to achieve each target, step by step. Never attempt to do all in a sudden. Even a simple exercise can give a lot of refreshment to your mind and body. Always give self respect and appreciate yourself when you are able to do something worth. Also, it’s the duty of other members of the family not to encourage laziness by giving her everything when she asks. Let herself prepare her drink and wash her clothes. Self dependency can decrease your laziness a lot. Make it a habit.

It’s possible to make him sleep

If it’s confirmed that your fatigue is not due to some disorder, small corrections in your life style may change everything and give you a lot of refreshment and enjoyment.

  • Assure that you are getting enough sleep everyday. Also, maintain a regular time table for sleep. Sleep at least 6 hours a day. But it should never exceed 8 hours. Over sleeping can also invite tiredness to your body.
  • Give important to nutritious food than tasty food. Reduce fatty substances and food substitutes while giving more importance to fruits, vegetables and home-made food.
  • Drink sufficient water. During summer drink at least 2 litres and never go for any artificial drinks or juice packets.
  • Regular exercise will increase your smartness and freshness. So, even a half hour brisk walk is enough to supply power needed for a whole day.
  • Never spend too much time before TV and computer. Do regular eye checkups.
  • If you have passed 30, never hesitate to do periodic checkups.
  • Arrange trips to your favourite places once in a while. Parks, beaches, gardens etc can also bring a lot of refreshment to your life.
  • Spend some time for your interesting hobbies like gardening, craft work, stitching and embroidery. Experiment of a new dish at kitchen can give you a lot of fun.
  • Smoking, drinking etc should be reduced. They give tiredness to body. Same is the excess use of coffee and tea.
  • Never believe that you will be successful in everything. Often, some defeats give you more lessons to move forward.

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