Diet should be appropriate during the monsoon considering that many people get sick during the rainy season due to diet infection. Improper diet during the monsoon season can cause constipation, viral infections, loose motions etc. The best diet during the monsoon is fruits. One should eat fruits of different colors during this season. The minerals and vitamins in fruits are the best for good health. They also contain antioxidants that tend to detoxify the body. They boost up the immune system during the monsoon. There are certain fruits that are specially beneficial during the rainy season. Let us look at these fruits.

Sweet lime (mausambi)

Many dieticians and doctors say that sweet lime is a great fruit for the monsoon. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Apart from vitamin C it also contains vitamin A, B-complex, amino acids, calcium, iodine, sodium and phosphorous. As it contains plenty of anti-oxidants, this fruit is great to prevent common infections during the monsoon. This fruit is also said to lower high blood pressure and to keep cholesterol under control. The potassium in this fruit increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and helps brain cells in remaining healthy. The vitamin C and A increase the production of  blood cells. The minerals in sweet lime increase the production of iron and this prevents the common cough and cold in the rainy season. It expels cough fro the body. Sweet lime decreases fever. As it increases the production of blood cells, it is a good cure for viral fever.

Indian pear (nashpati)

The fruit is known for its nutritious value. It is also a tasty. It contains vitamins, enzymes and fibers. It too prevents high cholesterol and blood pressure. It contains plenty of vitamin C and lead. This strengthens the immune system during the monsoon. Moderate juice of this fruit cures intestinal problems. It contains glucose and fructose. If you get tired or if fatigue brings you down the Indian pear will boost up your energy. It also lowers fever and body temperature. The juice of this fruit is also said to cure cough if one drinks it two times a day. It cures a sore throat too. Never eat this fruit if it has been cut open and kept in the room for sometime. It can turn brown in color and become toxic.


This fruit is known as the super fruit. It has more vitamin C and potassium than other fruits. This is a must eat fruit in the monsoon. In addition it also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, Betakerotine, Follic acid, manganese, fibers, iron and calcium. These minerals play  an important role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Worms in the stomach area common problem in the monsoon. This fruit kills worms in the stomach. This fruit cures digestive problems and increases appetite. The pectin in this fruit prevents the build up of cough during the rainy season. It protects the skin from pimples, boils, warts etc. A healthy person does not need to take more than 2 guava fruits per day.

A few things to consider

  • Do not eat fruits like watermelon with high water content during the monsoon. The chances of bacterial infections in such fruits during the monsoon are high.
  • Do not eat fruits that are off season in the monsoon. These tend to develop worms invisible to the naked eye which can cause health problems.
  • Always eat fresh fruits. Store fruits in the refrigerator only. Even when stored in the refrigerator, do not eat fruits which are  old.
  • Wash the fruits before eating. The skin of these fruits can contain bacteria.
  • Do not eat fruits which have been cut open and put for display by the fruit seller.

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