The only thing where we can see unimaginable things are in FILMS. Let me make this short and sweet....... One of the greatest achievements of mankind is that what he called FILM or making or creating a FILM...Such inventions were invented just for some entertaintment and a pass time for people who do nothing or who works a lot.....you can count both. The guy Edison( I think you know him) was the one responsible for such invention...
                                          Well, the historical films were dumb, I mean the films were made without any sound or audio effects....then as the time went on the films were made alive with some sound...cool to know isn't it? Then everything came revolving like photography, cinemascope and other such things.....Then camera's that can capture frames at a high rate were introduced....this was the beginning....
The most appreciating fact about FILM is that this is the only field that can give rebirth to other arts and facts. Acting,  painting, dancing,drama...all such entertaintments are alive only due to the fact named FILM. Lots of lives are at the hills  only because of FILM.
So the best things you can learn from a film is that it induces some clear messages into people mind regarding social welfare. Millions get job in such industry and lots of emerging opportunities. The main and the basic thing is that its an entertaintment....!
Today the people gain more money in the film industry by being part of it or working for it or even sacrificing themselves for it rather than money they gain acknowledgement and knowledge. Moreover unimaginable facts can be seen and felt and experienced through film.....The best thing is that film acts as a basic source for advertising field. Lots of trade, economic happens through film industry. Even the government gets profitable with the making of any film.......
Not only as an entertaintment but such FILM's are also used for academic purposes, yes films are used to teach some basic and important stuffs to children at schools and colleges and professional fields. Just don't consider the film as the best profitable and good source......yes there are lots of things from or created or derived from films that can harm mental thoughts of childrens
The world is totally made up of good and evil things so just watch your step as they say "LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP"




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