Internet is one of the great and biggest contributors worldwide. Internet has bought lot of changes in many aspects of life.  Internet was introduced due to some research done in early 1960’s and was previously named as ARPANET and then INTERNET was introduced. Every internet connection is associated with an Internet protocol number through which computer recognizes who is who. Internet provides lot of benefits to people in all professions. The use of internet has developed remarkably and one of the main reasons for it to happen is because it is user friendly and flexible. Now-a-days most of them have computers at home and can easily get the internet connection fixed to their computers; previously internet was only available for internet developers and military people however now internet is not restricted only for one area of profession, it is used by various sectors in the world. Internet has grown to such an extent that people log on to view the news every day, for many people internet becomes a habit and they would feel something is missing in their life if they don’t log on to internet even a day.

Internet has now become a necessity at all the places, previously it was only used by computer experts or engineers but now awareness of internet has widely spread and people who don’t have access to internet at home visit cyber cafes to collect the required information or get their work done. Internet is used in many businesses to sell and buy products online. Real time auctions takes place in one of the most popular sites called “E-bay”.  There are different types of internet providers in the market; operator should decide which internet service to use. Internet is a business tool as it facilitates in creating website, by having your own site, business man can write useful and quality content about various products or services the business offers and advertise it to the general public. Provide your complete contact information, most importantly include customer service email address or contact number to know that you are real people who can answer everyone’s queries about different business offers. Always keep in mind that your site content should be self explanatory so that people stumble upon your site to see the latest updates, make sure that your site gets maximum exposure which in turn helps your business grow. Advertising your business on internet is one of the easiest ways of reaching people.

Advantages of internet –

1. Availability of information - People have chance to read and learn lot of information by surfing net. Google and yahoo are the popular search engines which help in providing important updates on any and every topic.
2. Online Library - Students have the availability to use library online and added advantage to this is some of the online library provides free service.
3. Communication - Communication has become lot easier with the advent of internet. You can chat, call, video conference or email your friends, family members as internet provides all these services free of cost.
4. Online Shopping - People who wish to shop online can log on to internet as it enables online buying and selling. Online shopping is secure, it helps to place orders and get latest updates on different products available.
5. Work at home - Internet helps to generate revenue as there is lot of work at home programmes available worldwide through which people can make money online.  Don’t get hyped by get rich quick schemes available which are absolutely scam. There are lot many genuine work at home jobs available which helps to earn decent income online.
6. Job searches – Job searches became lot easier through internet as it allows viewing web classifieds which posts job vacancies in various sectors.
7. “Internet is a service provider” – In this modern economy, internet provides valuable services to the public. Banking sectors allow internet banking which is online banking, Movie tickets can be booked online, booking tickets to travel is allowed, hotel reservations can also be done. All the above services are provided by internet.
8. Entertainment – Internet allows you to play interesting and amusing games. Internet entertains in different ways; it lets you watch movies, listen to songs etc. There are numerous sites which allow downloading latest songs and movies.  There are various social networking sites, through which you can share your views or thoughts and make friends with likeminded people.
9. Board Results – Usually board results are also uploaded in internet through which students can view their exam results online as it is less time consuming.
10. Real time news – Internet updates real time news about the event happening across the world.

Disadvantages of Internet –

1. Porn pictures and immoral content – Internet has lot of sites which contains porn pictures and corrupted content which influences young and teenage children in negative way.
2. Spread of virus – Virus usually spreads from one computer to another.  Computer is affected with virus when you download movies and songs from various sites. This might affect the valuable data in your computer.
3. Games and Fun -  Internet provides many fun activities through which individual tends to waste lot of time either playing games or listening to songs etc.
4. Hacking – There are many internet hackers in the market, who can get access to your valuable data stored in your computer.
5. Misuses of photograph – Generally people have the habit of sharing their photograph while chatting or on the social networking sites which can be misused to a very bad extent. It is always advisable not to upload your photographs on those sites to be on a safer side.
6. Spamming your inbox – Unknown recipient sending bulk emails might block the whole system.
7. Tracking credit card numbers – Always be little careful while shopping online and giving your credit card number to purchase any product, now-a-days tracking credit card numbers has become lot easier therefore give your credit card numbers only on trusted and protected sites.

Never encourage illegal users who play and misuse with photographs or porn pictures, report their activities actively so that each one of them can lend our helping hands in minimizing the illegal activities conducted by people across the world. In this modern economy internet marketing and internet business is recognized immensely and therefore the advantages of internet are growing successfully and continuously.



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