3d technology has over the years has advanced in terms of its research.3d view simply means view from 3 angles of the user,giving a more realistic approach of the object to the user.Till now,users are required to put on the projector glasses for viewing 3d films n while playing 3d games.

This may come to an end with the latest technology developed by 3M.

3M recently announced it's plans of introducing it's new technology.

The Scotch Tape giant have created a sequential 3D optical film which allows for true auto stereoscopic 3D images on mobile phones, gaming products, and other handheld devices.Thus,hi-end mobile owners and game device owners may soon be enjoying the advent of 3D without the glasses put on.

The technology was further discussed by 3M.

The film is integrated into the backlight module and also it requires only one LCD at a 120-Hz refresh rate,which is new in technical world.Integration became simpler as the standard optical film stack was replaced by reflective stack ,a custom light guide, and 3D film ,on working about the properties of light being transmitted through the medium and it's reflexive properties.The end result achieved was that the right and left images are focussed at the same point in the viewer's eyes,thus enabling a clear image without the aid of 3D glasses,enabling a full resolution display to the user.

This 3D technology will be on display at the Korea Electronics show, October 13 to 16,2009.

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