I tested the Nokia N95 to 8GB all black during the last months and I can say that I was very impressed. Not only are all its features like GPS, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth stereo and dual slide with dedicated audio buttons, but most of all the camera, it almost was part of my family in recent months, in perfect photos and film-quality DVD.

Do the unboxing of the N95 8GB is a very pleasant experience. I can see the care of Nokia to enhance its product. Of man can see the differences to the N95 original, starting with the packaging. The screen of the N95 8GB has a QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels) and is slightly larger, with 2.8 "to 2.5" of the N95 original. Already the navigation keys are slightly smaller, but very easy to use. The battery is 1200 mAh now, which lasts more than the previous model. The camera lost its protective cover, but honestly I think this is not the slightest fault.

Close to 160MB of the original model, the 8GB capacity of the N95 is taking the breath, to save up to 20 hours of movies or up to 6000 songs, not to mention the programs, the N-Gage games and more.

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Like I commented on a matter for the N95 is perfect, only missing even a touchscreen display. As a user of a wireless touchscreen in the first days of use I was tempted to use your fingers to select the icons on the screen, but then I used to because the navigation with the buttons works well. And I must say that touchscreen displays are great, but nothing is better than a keyboard for real at the time you want a fast connection. You can also write short texts to speed on the keyboard of the N95 and it works with external Bluetooth keyboard, which is very perfect for a blogger who needs to write down any ideas for posts and columns that can arise at any time.

Like I said before, the camera of 5 megapixel with video camera is the high point of the N95, and my favorite feature on your phone. This camera with Xenon LED flash and Carl Zeiss lenses completely replaced my digital camera because it takes great pictures in macro, and good images even in low light conditions. It is good to remember that beyond the 8GB of internal memory, the N95 8GB also has a slot for microSD cards up to 16GB, bringing the capacity to 24GB. Forget the previous sentence, which was pure delusion on my part.

Another very important point for a lover of music is the player with its own keyboard slide. I am always listening to music while walking down the street, and he replaced my iPod with praise in this, thanks to remote control headset, which has dedicated buttons for start, stop, go back and move the songs, in addition to the microphone to answer calls. Unfortunately failed to test the N95 with stereo Bluetooth headsets because I have not bought these headphones, but this is on my list of priorities.

The Nokia N95 8GB is not as fine as my mobile phone, but if you take into account that it replaces a phone, MP3 player, a camcorder and a digital camera at the same time, the size is totally acceptable, and moreover, he went well on the test to be carried in the pocket of blue jeans. The GPS with Nokia Maps and Google Maps is a chapter, but the key is that the N95 also works as a browser by giving instructions to each curve. Included with the phone is 6 months to use the Nokia Maps service. Another tip is to join the OVI, which joins the most diverse services of Nokia.

One of the best things about the N95 is the fact that he has a good integration with Exchange and other services to access their calendars, emails and contacts in your company's network, so if you change a contact on the street, it will be updated automatically in your primary calendar.

You can install different types of programs, such as OfficeSuite, you may open, edit and even create documents in PowerPoint, Word and Excel, which can greatly increase your productivity when you're away from the office.

He comes with some demos of the N-Gage games, like Gameloft's Asphalt 3 and FIFA 07 by Electronic Arts. Access to the web browser of Nokia is difficult in the beginning, but you usually. You should also keep an eye on the latest programs to install, but some are essential, such as YouTube, Fring, Qik and Opera Mini. Check here a list of 50 programs for the N95 8GB Must created by N95 Blog.

I tested the N95 to sync with Windows Vista and found it perfect. When connecting the phone to a computer connected to the web and install the programs, you will have full access to your N95. The Lifeblog is very interesting, but not tested much further. The Sync with Mac also works very well with the Nokia Multimedia Transfer program. Easily send music from iTunes to the N95, nothing could be simpler, and download the pictures through iPhoto.

The Nokia is also sending very well in promoting the product, because besides the great NJornadas campaign, also launched the Nokia Without Limits, a blog written by my friends and Deividas Pazos Alexandre Ottoni Jovem Nerd counting the number of tips and program to install on N95, addition to a promotion that will give a N95 8GB! Another point to highlight is the opening of the Nokia Store SP in Sao Paulo, one of 10 concept stores the brand around the world.

In a next test we will take a look at the Nokia N81 here in DD, and soon we will post on the famous 5800 XpressMusic, the first touchscreen phone from Nokia that rekindled my hope for a future N-Series as a useful to the pleasant , adding a screen with a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard, which could appear in a third slider, who knows.

My final verdict on the N95 8GB is highly positive, as is cell phone or a digital camera. The N95 8GB is a great choice, and is easily among my favorites of Nokia devices. But I think the best compliment I can make the N95 8GB is that this post should have been done in a month but ended up three months with the unit. And I confess that barely returned to the N95 8GB, I am greatly missed, especially the camera and GPS!

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