In a year, 1902 the first modern air conditioner system was developed. The name of the developer was Willis Haviland Carrier. First of all, Willis considered warm air and then pass it through a chilled pipe. When the air tries to pass through the pipe air cooled down. Warm air contains or carries more moisture than cooler air. Thus, this process reduces the moisture in the air. This gives the rise of a new technology that is an air conditioner. After that Willis release that he was very near to an invention that was very useful in a future of human since made the hot summer region a cool place to live in a comfortable way and without humidity.

The real process in an Air conditioner is that it reduces the air temperature with the help of a very simple principle that is discussed in a later article. The process of an air conditioner is very similar to your refrigerator which you use as a home appliance. The air conditioner is somehow different from a refrigerator as it has not a something other like a cool box but the wall of your room play that role as it keeps the cool air inside the room and forces the warm air to push outside the room to your house.

Air Conditioner basics.

Refrigeration is the process by which air conditioner keeps the air inside the room cool. There is a law that when a liquid is converted into a gas it, nature is to take the heat. This process is called phase conversation. Air conditioner uses this process and some of the chemical to evaporate and condense again and again repeating this process every time in a closed coil.

air cond


Air conditioner uses a compound that is known as refrigerant it function is to enable it at a very low temperature. The air conditioner has a fan its functions is to produce warm or hot air over the cold coils. When the fan gives hot air then refrigerant absorbs this heat and changes the liquid into a gaseous state. For the regular use of cooling the air conditioner need to convert a gas produced by the refrigerant into a liquid form.

In what way air conditioner changes the gas into the liquid.

Inside the Air conditioner, there is a compressor that keeps the gas under the extreme pressure. In that process, it creates a heat that has no work. This extra heat produces by the compressor in that process is removed outside with the help of a coil also known as a condensed coil. By this process, the gas becomes cool and then converted into the liquid. This process is repeated again and again.

Now we understand that in the air conditioner, two things happen very frequently first is that the refrigerant is keeping the air conditioner cool, and then a compressor converts gas into the liquid.

Various parts of the air conditioner

The major function of the air conditioner is to keep the room-temperature cool and free from humidity. It has a two process just take air inside and throw the hot air outside.

Important part of the air conditioner is as follows:

  1. 1.Evaporator : Its function is to take the refrigerant in a liquid form.

2. Condenser : It pays focus on heat transfer.

3. Expansion value : it's a function regulates the refrigerant flow into the evaporator.

4. Compressor : Its function is to compress the refrigerant and convert into the liquid.

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The evaporator and the fan are placed at the cold side of the air conditioner. Its function is to produce warm air over the cool coil and give cold air outside. The condenser and the compressor are placed on the warm side of the air conditioner, and it removes the heat outside of the air conditioner through a coil. Expansion Valve is placed in between the two coils present in an air conditioner. A compressor is a type of a very large pump that pressurizes the refrigerant and converts the gas into a liquid. Besides of the Evaporator, Condenser, Expansion Valve and the Compressor there are a Timer, Sensors and valve.

Windows air Conditioner has all the main parts that are mounted in a small metal box. The larger air conditioner has something different working. There is an exterior condensing unit in big Hotels, Malls, Banks, and Big Building . These exterior condensing units is placed around the outside into the building.

A Window Air Conditioner.

When you see a window Air conditioner is quite small but it to give cool air. The major part of a Window air Conditioner is as follows:

1. Compressor

2. Expansion valve

3. Hot Coil on the outside

4. Cool Coil inside the Conditioner

5. Two Fans

6. Control Unit

When you look for the bigger type of air conditioner then you must consider a Split System unit. In the Split Air Conditioner, there are a separate hot side and cold side. One is placed inside the room, and another is placed outside the room on the roof. The cold side of the air conditioner contains the Expansion valve and the cold coil. It is generally kept in a furnace or other air handler. The hot side is placed outside the house is known as condensing unit.

Second image

A unit that contains a long, spiral coil shape like a cylinder. There is a fan inside the coil. It gives the air passing through the coil along with a Compressor. This type of thing produces a very fewer amounts of noise and having a less cost it is the use of a common house now a day. There is no more difference between the Window air conditioner, and the Split air conditioner except that the two part hot, and cold parts are placed in a different position.

When we consider a larger building, Malls the split-system are facing some problem such as the distance from the pipe between the condenser, and the air handlers are much farther than each other or the amount of duct work, and the length of ducts becomes difficult to manage it. From that point, it is a good practice to have a chilled-water system.

Chilled-water and Cooling-tower AC Units.

Some of the air conditioner uses the water as a cooling process. An air conditioner that uses water as a cooling process is chilled water air conditioning and the cooling tower air conditioner.

Chilled water air conditioner - In a chilled-water air conditioner the total part of that air conditioner is installed on the roof of the building or backward of the house. Its function is to cool water at a range of temperatures that between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 4.5 and 7.4 degrees in Celsius. Now the cold water that is chilled outside the building is supplied inside the building air handlers through a pipe which is connected between the air handlers inside and outside part of the air conditioner that is installed on the roof or backward of the building. This is a type of a system where the water pipe is acted as an evaporator coil in a standard air conditioner.


Cooling tower air conditioner – as we discuss earlier that all the air-conditioning use air for the purpose that it scatters heat from the compressor coils but when we consider a large system, a cooling tower is used in that system. The function of the tower is to create a large stream of cold water that passes through the heat exchanger, and help in keeping the hot condenser coils cool. Now the tower blow air that is passing through a stream of water and made it to evaporate after that evaporation cools the stream of water. One of the major disadvantages in that type of system is that it needs water regular basic because water is evaporated during this process and there may be a lack of water in that system. The right or accurate amount of cooling that this type of air-conditioning system gets from a cooling tower it totally depends on the relative humidity present in the air and the barometric pressure.

BTU and EER.

Today many of the air conditioners have their own capacity, and this capacity is rated in a British thermal unit (BTU). A Btu is defined as the amount of heat necessary that is required to raise the temperature of air conditioner around 1 pound that is an equal to 0.45 kilograms of water and that is a temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit, and that is equal to a temperature of 0.54 degrees in Celsius. Now how much is one BTU it is equal to 1,055 joules. During the term of a heating and cooling 1 ton equals 12,000 BTU.

When we consider a typical window air conditioner system, it is rated is equal to 10,000 Btu. For Example, of an area around a house a typical house with a 2,000 square foot that is very equal to 186.20 square meters having a BTU of 60000 BTU that is five tons. With that we may know that 1 square foot requires 30 BTU. All these are rough estimates for your understanding if you want an accurate size, then you need to contact an HVAC contractor.

EER is also termed as an energy-efficiency rating of a typical air conditioner and its EER is taken by its Btu rating over its watts.

Let us take an example of an Air Conditioner of 10000 BTU that consumes a watt of 1200 watts its EER is 8.3 how it comes lets us see.

BTU = 10000

Watts =1200

EER = BTU/Watts

EER = 10000

Watts = 1200

EER = 10000/1200

EER = 8.3

This clearly proves that High EER is very good, but it is too costly common people are not able to hold that much cost.

Let us, we give you an option to choose one of the things listed below:

One has the EER value such as 8.3, and it consumes 1200 watts and the other has an EER value such as 10, and it consumes a 1000 watts and the difference in the price is around 120 dollars.

First of all, you have to determine that how much and how many hours you are going to use that Air Conditioner and how many watts it consumes in that period of use and what is the cost of the KWH in your surroundings where you use that Air Conditioner.

You assume that the you are going to use eight hours of time in one day and continue for a three month for a year, and it cost nearly a 0.12 dollar per KWH.

Suppose that the difference in the consumption of energy between the two air conditioner is around 225 watts.

Let us calculate for a month with a 30 day.

3 Months * 30 days per month * 8 hours in a per day = 630 hours

Hours = 630

Watts = 250

Rate = 0.12 dollars

Total Cost = Hours * watts/1000 watts/kilowatt * dollar0.12 per hour.

Total cost = 630*250/1000 *0. 12

Total Cost = 15.20 dollars

This clearly proves that the air conditioner with a more cost and expensive are easy to operate with a less money.

Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

Due to the continuously growing costs of electricity bill just like a rocket and people are more educated toward the environmental problem most of the people prefer to take a cooling tool that saves there over the growing electricity bill and also good for the environment. Now a day the company that produce high-class air conditioner that consumes more energy, they stop that type of cooling system even they give major priority to the energy-efficient cooling system as this type of system is a major public demand.


An ice cooling system is a very good process to save a large amount of money, and they consume energy but this type of system is only limited to the people who have lots of money because this system is too costly, and it has some limitation to rich people only. There is a way by which general people like us save money on energy charge by installing a system which is known as geothermic heating and cooling system. According to the Agency of Environmental protection, they declare the geothermal system the most efficient in the field of energy saving, and it is also good for the environment.

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