The market is abuzz with rumors about the iphone 5 and it is expected to release before the end of the year.  So, if the iphone 5 is really announced, will you be considering purchasing the iPhone 5.  No doubt, there will be many takers for the iPhone, afterall apple has a huge fan following and Apple fans are known to be loyal.  But what about those who already have an iPhone 4.  Will the iphone 5 have enough new features to persuade iPhone 4 users switch to iPhone 5?

If the rumors are to be believed, then iPhone 5 will most certainly be the best smartphone ever.  It will run on iOS5 which has 200plus features over iPhone 4 system.  Also, new camera with higher megapixel would be introduced and it will be available in black and white models.  There are loads of other features and it is exciting.  If the real iPHone 5 does come with these rumored iphone 5 specifications, then it will certainly proper on top of the smartphone market.

But lets also look at the other side.  The way Apple Inc. has been acting, I doubt that there will be a major overhaul.  Firstly, Apple has always introduced the next iphone within 12 months like clockwork, but this is not the case this time.  Also, huge stock of iPhone 4 still exists in the market and introducing iPHone 5 now will hamper the sale of iPhone 4, which will be a huge loss for Apple.  Also, Steve Jobs has recently resigned as the CEO of Apple and this may delay the launch of iPHone 5.  
The mentioned above reasons are some of the factors that will influence the buying decision of the consumer.  But it will be wise not to sell your iPhone 5 before it is officially announced.  You can sell your iPhone anytime afterwards.  If you don't like the iPhone 5, you can just upgrade your iphone 4 with the latest ios5 when it is avaialble.  If you wan to know what are the expected features, then read this iPhone 5 review.

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