Now a days there are many people who use internet for many purposes. Some use for chatting, some use for business purposes, and many more are used. There are many people who use net for download. Many download file are being uploaded in RapidShare. Only limited are free users and thy can't download many files continously. After each file download we have to wait minimum of  15 mins. So this makes everyone to get a sad state and so many people takes many days time to download the full software or movie or what ever thy need.

So there is a trick to download rapidshare files continously one after the other. The trick is Dynamic IP address. many people uses dynamic ip address and it's available in broadband. So each time we switch off and switch on the modem, a new ip address is generated. So this is the thing we can use for downloading files from rapidshare.

1. After downloading file from rapidshare, switch off the modem and wait for few mins

2. Then again switch on the modem, a new ip address is generated.

3. So now u start to download a new file.

4. This makes u not to wait for more time after each time download.


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