There are hundreds of stories about ambitious people who quit their job to start business in their garages, worked 80-hours weeks, sold their companies and wound up rich. This isn't of them. Instead, this is about the growing number of average people who are spending their leisure hours selling hobbies and services on home computers and the internet. With full-time salaries stretched thin and the cost of necessities rising, more people are looking for low-risk to earn extra income.

"The Web is a great place to shop and spend money, but it's pretty great for making money too," says Joanne Pratt, a Dallas-based adviser to the Small Business Administration on at-home commerce. More than half of all small businesses are based at home, according to the SBA. "Computers, Internet access, cell-phone technology and simplified web-page design software have all become cheaper and faster in recent years, making it easier to lunch some type of at-home enterprise without sinking a lot of money into it," says Simon Yates, senior analyst at Forrester Research. Most people who run at home businesses use a laptop computer, connect to the internet and live in a household where the average annual income is $65000, reports Forrester.

To manage the extra cash, many entrepreneurs are using accounting software programs for small businesses, such as Intuit's QuickBooks line, which generated revenue of $654 million last year--a jump of nearly 100 percent since 2000. "If you're the slightest bit entrepreneurial, you can reach large numbers of consumers instantly over the internet, while keywords searches at Google let consumers reach you just as quickly," says Pratt. "The Web is an amazing marketplace." How can you turn your PC into a cash money ? Its easier than you think: Auction Stuff on eBay In new York, where trend-conscious executives and socialites routinely clear out cramped apartment closest to make room for newest look, Bonnie Levine is considered something of a personal seller. Think Carrie bradshaw in reverse. When the Monolo Blahniks and Pradas have to go, Levine gets a call to pick them up. Another Is Are Following- 1. Blogging 2. Sell your Hobby 3. Writhe Article In Boddunan etc.

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