Eye tracking is the topic i have selected for my research

It is s very interesting and I would like to share with you all.


This topic deals with the designing and improving an interface depending on the evaluation done by tracking eye of a user.


 During the process of tracking eye of a user we consider various aspects related to the relation between the user and the interface he is working upon and the key area of flaws related to the interface.


A user while working on an interface is tracked by the moment of   eye and the areas of the interface he is concentrating upon with ease or with the difficulty.

 During the research we will be explaining all five usability measures related to HCI interface like time to learn, rate of errors, speed of performance, subjective satisfaction and so on.


For example: if any user opens any website for the very first time, his eyes start searching on the words which he is aware of such as home,feedback,contact forum etc.Other side his eyes also  see some difficult terms which he is seeing for the first time.


So this eye tracking helps in tracking the person s eye what difficulty he is facing and helps the designer of web to know the user problems and design according to it.


I will keep posting more articles as I progress much in it.

Thank you



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