Are you not tired of taking the back up of all the things you do on your pc? Infact you will be startled to know that most of the people after the advent of computers are increasingly spending time on keeping back up of the data that has been worked upon by them. This unproductive time can be put to better use if this process of back up takes place automatically. So my search started in Mumbai for such kind – of – gadget. And as the city of possibilities it is called I got the answer at Lamington Road which is Mumbai’s grey market computer hub. Here’s the answer to it. Seagate a world renowned maker of storing devices has come up with a product called the Seagate Replica. This appliance automatically and continuously stores up-to-date copies of everything on a PC, including installed applications, operating system, email, pictures, music, movies, Internet bookmarks and settings. Just connect a USB cable, click ok to software licence, and the entire PC is backed up. It continues to run behind-the-scene, so that no further interaction with the application is required. Using this system, you can restore the entire contents on your PC, without having to spend time manually installing applications and copying files, or hunting through stacks of CDs, flash drives and DVDs. Well but it will cost you Rs.9,000/- which is quite a cost to save your productive time.

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