Ethical hacking and its opportunities

Ethical hacking means hacking a system or a website for to understand the security weakness in order to make the system or server safe and secure. Ethical hackers are good hackers they are known as ‘white hackers’. They find vulnerabilities or security weakness of a website or a system and report the issues to the concerned authority. Now ethical hackers are more in demand than other hackers are. Many famous companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Paypal etc were providing some cash credits to the security researchers for finding vulnerabilities in their products or website. The cash credits  start from 500$ to even $1, 00,000. This kind of appreciation from different companies is encouraging more and more programmers to come into the field of ethical hacking. 

What ethical hackers do?

They do security research on various topics. For examples: Bypassing windows is a security vulnerability, deleting a photo or updating a status on behalf of another user  without their access is a security vulnerability (social networks), taking a private detail of another user or making changes in the server or file of a products without having the administrating access is also a security vulnerability. Concentrating on a particular features and doing various researchers in order to exploit it may help to find vulnerabilities. We cannot guarantee that whether there is security vulnerability is there or not but if there is anything then they can find it by doing security researching. Usually ethical hackers begin with general exploiting techniques like CSS, SQL infection, remote code execution, buffer overflow etc. Starting with this kind of techniques will help the hacker to know the security status of a website.

Tools for ethical hacking

Generally, hackers use Brutus, a kind of software that helps to make login attempts by looping or password dictionary attack. There is much other software like this are available in the internet. Usually elite hackers create their own software for doing hacking or for security researches. Inspector, a kind of tool that is now available in the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. This tool helps the programmers or the hackers to see the html/javascript code of the page and the widget code. In addition, this allows the user to make some temporary changes in the web page. Google dork is also a way to find infected sites. Remember our goal is to make a safe computer world. All the best!

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