Definition of a computer.

Computer is also define as a electronic device that is used for the processing of information that we feed in a computer.Computer is a word that is formed from a latin word compute it means that to calculate.

How it process

Suppose that we feed data in a computer it accept all the data from our side and then store it in its temporary memory and then process it and give us a desire result as possible.


For what computer is used

1)---- Storage of large amount of data ---- computer have the ability to store a large amount of data in their permananent memory known as hard disk.All store data are remain for future until we give a delete comand to stored data.

2)---- It act as a Input and Output machine --- It function is to receive the data and instruction given by any of the user of that computer and then process it and return desire result to specified user.

3)----- Processing on data ---- It means that it process all the input data.Processing of data means performing the desired operation such as addition , subtraction , multiplication ,division and other arithmetic operations as well as logical operations on the input data.

Properties of a computer

4)----Very high speed ----- processing of data is very fast it take only a few part of second. It is capable of performing large amount of instruction per second.

5)-----Accuracy ----- It is always accurate in respect of result but you have to feed a correct input data for accurate result.Right way of processing a input data is also known as accuracy of a computer.

6)------Reliability ---- It nature is to give a consistent results every time you process a data.

7)------Versatility ----- Main role of computer is versatile.It i9s used for various purpose like calculations , processing , computer games , music , video, teaching ,etc.

8)------Diligence ----- The most important function of a computer it never tired. It can be used for longer period without any disturbance.


Generation of computers

The computer we use today is not develop in a day or two it takes a longer period of times in respect of years to give a computer that we usetoday.It takes generation to generation to delop.There are five generation of computer are as follows :---

These five generation of computer are further divided into two types these are:---

1)---- Non Electronic Generation

2)---- Electronic Generation

1------Non Electronic Generation is also known as the Zero(0) generation computer.


Abacus , Differential engine.


2--------Electronic generation start from 1946 onward.It classified into five generations.

First Generation Computers

In this generation vaccum tube is used.In this generation there is a limitation of primary memory and use magnetic drums as in the form of secondary memory.For input and output operations it uses a punched card and a magnetic tape.

Examples :----


Second Generation of computers

In this generation it use a transistors.It has better primary memory as we compare to first generation of computer. It sustain a higher reliability.In this generation it use a programming language such as Pascal , AlGOL and others.

Examples :-----

IBM 1401 , GE635.

Third Generation of computers

In this generation it use a Integrated Circuits.Integrated circits contain many transistors in a single chip of silicon.It has better memory as compare to both the generation it use a semiconducductor as memory.It sustain better reliability as compare to second generation of computer.From third generation it give the facility of airline reservation , banking services as well as give weather report.


CYBER 175,IBM system/360.

Fourth generation of computers.

In this generation it use a LSI (large scale Integration) and VLSI(Very Large scale integration).It has larger capacity in respect of storage.From that generation a new concept was introduce that change the way of living that is networking.


IBM 3033 , Hp 3000.

Fifth generation of computers

This is the generation which give the definition of a super computer.In this generation it consist of a SLSI(Super large Scale Integration).From that generation it evelop all the major function of computer that we use today such as CD-Rom was introduced in that generation.


Param 10000 , CRAY machine .

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