No sector whether IT, Pharma, Electronics & instruementation is left untoched by the economic downfall the Globe has faced. As a result several big & small industries are finding it hard to survive the cutting edge competition.The global players have found a smart way of overcoming the slowdown by adopting the formula of "Acquisitions & Alliances". Thus overcoming the hasles of managing funds & still retaining their position in the global market.

Some of the recent acquisitions include the take over of the Varian Inc. USA by the Agilent Technologies USA. Fortis Healthcare acquiring the ten Wockhardt Hospitals, Tech Mahindra acquiring Satyam.The Pharma sector has been recently witnessing several Merger's & Acquisitions like the Pfizer-Wyeth merger & Merck-Schering Plough Merger.

The Global market is trying to adopt different tactics to overcome this unnatural & unusual cyclone. The extent to which this formula of Acquisition & Alliance will prove fruitful is yet to be observed.

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