Empowering people

Power can be taken, but not given. the process of taiking is empowerment itself. empowerment is a key componenet of the business arena. Unless the organistion find new methods to empower pepole, it would not be possible for them to get closer for the customer imporve service delivery, continously  innovate, increaase productivity, and avail the competitive edge. Empowerment in specific term means increasing the skills of both sisdes to make better desicions for themselfs rather than power balancing or redistrubtion. it also means encouraging pepeole to become more involved in the decsions and activites that effect thier jobs. The term empowerment means the restoration to individuals of a sense of thier own value and strength and thier own capacity to handle lifes problems

empowerment is a major issue accompanying this transition. the workers must be able to feel confident in there decision  making abilities, must feel supprted by the company enviornemmt and most of all must be able to make good, effective decision in team based organisation empowerment is a process and a  necessary one in organistion where workers are used to doing thier jobs essentially on auto pilot as thier supervisors make all desicons for them

There are various guide lines to empowemrnt which are as follows

Making of a leader:

Empowerment in a n organisation is a key  criteria. an empowerd is driven by the froce to be at his best to achive wat ever he desires to achive. her the person feels responsible and creative and drives other pepole in the organisation to achieve the  best he wants. people in the empowering organisation are aware of what organisation expects out of them and how well they  are meeting thier targets. An empowerd person offer tends to feel at the center go-getter team.

Management structure:

Management structure  is an imp key in any organisation the srtucuter of any managemet is also one of the revealing factor that helps to determine the level of empowerment in organisation has.Empowerment allows organisation respond rapidly , flexibly and effectively  to customer and market demands.The result is reduced  waste , delays and errors. Flexible management empowers staff to take fast decisions based on clear mission of sucess and explicit goals..

Work place culture:

Culture in the workplace means the same thing as it does when social scientists  refer to the cultre of the society or group of people. It is a term that refers to the mores, customs and norms that charctrise the interactions of members of a particular work group. Work palce culture is some thing that is with in a person or a group of individauls in matters of taiking desicions etc. Organisation that create and maintain a healthy work place culture  find the incidents of depression decreasing. empoyees who feel well , empowerd and respectd not only benifit personally, but are more productive less costly to thier employers.

The long term approach nesecarry for succesful empowerment implementation efforts appear it odds with business  enviornmet that requiers qauterly results. This long term approach is espesially difficult as leadership transitions bring frequent changes to the vision for the organisation.





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