Well, this question itself consists two opponents in it! One is the safe mode and another one is attractive returns.  In fact, both are not possible in any investment.  Take realestate, though land is scarce, your investment in land one year ago would not have been fetched any return, in some cases you must have been disappointed with negative returns, due to the present economic recession conditions.

If you take stock market also, the movements of the markets are vibrant, wild and dreadful.  So there is no guarantee for attractive returns with any kind of investments. But to build our capital, to create wealth for our family welfare, we have to search the way of good investment.

One of the safest mode is depositing money in the Fixed Deposits of a bank.  The present interest rate scenario is low like in the range of 5 to 9 per cent in India.  Though it does not look so attractive, it is the safest mode of investment we can say because, every deposit upto One lakh rupees is covered by DIC and if the bank fails, your money is refunded by the deposit insurance company.

In stock markets you do not have that option, you have to monitor your investments from time to time. You also have to see the company performance, future etc. Though Mutual Funds are also related to Stock markets, it is a better investment option because here the fund manager will see that your investment is to be safe and secured.  But here also you have to take some risk.

The maximum returns we can find in the Futures and Options of the Stock Markets, where your risk is at very high level and the chances of loosing money is quite common here but with good experience and close watch at the market, you can make money.  With disciplinary Stop Loss, right time exit etc., you can earn on this segment but you have to consult a good stock broker for this purpose and gain some experience in the stocks before you enter this.

As earlier said, investment in real estate is a good option but here also, you have to take a decision of buying at bottomed out price.  All these times, we are in a recession and there will definitely be a chance of recovery in coming future.  So watch the conditions at your area and go for investment as like us all in the world are awaiting the recovery of the economy!


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