Go automatic savings because that is the way to make money aside. Automatic savings not only means a high savings rate but also the guarantee that what you save and build assets. With nearly all banks can do this. Often there are special savings accounts that will automatically give a high savings interest. If you do not automatically save, saving is still shooting a bee in. That is a shame, because the savings is interesting and it is always wise to have savings to fall back on.

Automatic savings at high interest rates
Automatic savings is often the best solution for savings aside. The account is automatically transferred to the billing. If you do not have huge sums to set aside, but you gather bit by bit and power. Is there one month in which you want to put aside more than this possibility exists. Is there one month in which you want to record some money from the account balance you can do well. Always look at the accounts for the conditions, because that bank may sometimes be different. Almost every bank does do automatic savings. Through your employer, you can automatically save the savings scheme and the salary savings.

At ING, you can own it all set through my ING. Here you indicate how much you want to save each month. Then there is a whole range of savings accounts to choose from. This option have more banks. Also, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, SNS Bank or such. Via Internet banking allows you to automatically set your transfer to the account you want. But there are savings accounts where it is ingrained automatic savings.

Saving with Ohra
Ohra months savings account, for example, such an account. The bill is applied quickly and makes it possible to automatically generate an amount between 50 and 250 euros per month to spare. It takes you to withdraw money when you want. A big advantage is the high savings rates. OHRA months to save you the first 6 months 4% interest.

Aegon Own Style Savings
Another example is Aegon Own Style Savings. In this bank you agree that you want to automatically save every month. It can be up to 500 euros per month automatically credited. If you do get 0.24% additional savings. You further agree with this account, that interest rates even up to 3%.

SNS maximum savings
SNS maximum saving is also a monthly savings deposit. Minimum € 50 to € 500, while the money remains freely available. The money shall be deducted from your monthly fixed rate government. And you can save monthly amount you want to change. The interest rate is 2.4%.

Automatic Savings has many advantages. The key is that it requires no discipline. You save so without you really notice a significant amount. Who differences banks naloopt comes from so many opportunities at the highest savings to spare, while still remaining flexible. Does the deposit one month less, than just take your money back or adjust the amount you earn each month just to need again.

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