Consumers are turning to internet banking. Safety must be observed very well. All your banking over the Internet today are to manage. It's quicker, easier and cheaper to move to the Internet instead of taking the management paper.

Managing via the Internet makes it susceptible to fraud. Someone who has intercepted your login details to access your banking.

..:: Beveilinging by banks

The banking institutions should ensure safe online banking. The connection between the client and the website of the bank should be very well protected. Through coding and internet filters, any hackers can access the data from the clients.

..:: 3x beat

Dutch banks invest millions of dollars each year to ensure the security of their systems. The big danger lies with the consumers. By negligence is no longer guaranteeing security. This is the responsibility of users (consumers). The government has launched a campaign called 3x correct. The campaign warns consumers on the steps he should take to safely banking. The website provides tips and background information on the secure Internet Banking. On you can also fill out a test to determine how safe your bank.

..:: Dutch Bankers

Dutch banks operate in the NVB together on areas such as security. The association, on behalf of its member banks a special website focusing on safe Internet banking, namely The website provides information for consumers about measures that banks have taken to the bank safe. Additionally, they offer tips to consumers to yourself take the necessary measures.

..:: Some tips:

* The login screen for banking must begin with "https" instead of "http".

* Never respond to requests for information enter your login.

* Log out when you have finished your actions, does not alter the screen without first explaining

* Secure your wireless Internet.


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