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Kasauni is a hill station in Uttaranchal. This city is called as the Switzerland of India. This city is located at an height of 1890 meters above the sea level. Its a picnic spot. Its a heaven for honeymoon couples.

Kasauli is a nice hill station in himachal pradesh. It is a small cantonment town. This cantonment was established in 1842 by the british peoples. Best place for honeymoon.

Hampi is a village in karnataka. hampi has many historical monuments. This city has palaces, forts, markets, big pavilions, etc., This city has a number of festivals throughout the year.

Halebid is a temple city in karnataka. This city is called as the home town of Hoysala architecture. This city has lots of tourist attractions. Nice place for temple lovers.

Gwalior is a city in madhya pradesh. This city is famous for its palaces, monuments and temples. This city has many historical stories. This city is the tourist capital of madhya pradesh.

Best place for honeymoon. Gangtok is a hill station in sikkim and it is the capital of sikkim. This city is located at an altitude of 1700 metres above the sea level. It is a nice tourist spot.

The City of Melbourne is the home, workplace and leisure centre of one of the world's most harmonious and culturally diverse communities. Melbourne is a planned city: a tidy, balanced grid of neatly angled streets.

Daman is a beach city in india. Daman has many historical buildings. Daman is in Daman and Diu, a union territory.

Best place for saints. BodhGaya is holy place. In this place Lord Buddha has enlighted. The famous Bodhi tree is in this place. This is the main attraction of the place. This city is more precious for buddhists.

Bikaner is a city in rajasthan. Its a desert city. This city has many historical records. Bikaner city is founded in the year 1488. It is famous for its sweets and snacks.

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