“Bottle, bottle everywhere; not a single one to provide water”

    Bottled water is the present era acquisition of safe drinking water to homes and offices and practically everywhere. The bottle comes in many sizes ranging from 200 ml to 30 liters. It price ranges from Rs 10 to Rs

  • Almost everywhere this year we have been facing a very Severe Summer .. Drinking water is scarce and whatever ground water is present in wells and lakes, get dried up due to the severe heat. In Karnataka many cities have touched the highest temperatures ever

  • Wastewater is a big problem everyone deals with. There are certain measures taken up to handle it. My question here is, Are the measures against wastewater actually making a difference in our lives?

  • Water is the elixir of life, the basic need for survival for any organism on the planet. It is known as a universal solvent and yet people are not aware about the importance of it. Water is a unique substance that exists in 3 forms: solid, liquid and gaseous forms. The same water that existed